How are Pig power levels determined?

  • Normally I play powerful birds in the regular team and currently level 41. Couple of weeks ago when I was around level 30 I decided to build up the Flocksburg Eagles (all 5 of them) with most of them in teens levels into the game. I still run into the power levels my regular flock see!!!!

    Question is: How does the game calculate the pig power levels you see in the non-Arena matches? Based on the current team or the potential team in your collection.

    Given what I saw there is little purpose to keep set like Flocksburg Eagles in the nest. Just keep the particular colors you need for the color specific dungeons. Either sell the rest or use them to level up the better birds.


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  • burbman

    Good question, I also see that pig power for normal, hard, and insane battles increases as my team power does.  Is there really any advantage to leveling up birds if it does not help you to win battles more easily?

    Epic Buttstomp

    The way the game logic looks to me is there is little point to hang on to the less stars birds unless you need certain colors to tackle the dungeons and expeditions. All the sets means nothing really unless that is the best you can have. So just feed them all to level up the main team.

    Anyone sees it differently?


    As of now its determined by how far i’m into the story

    when i win a story mode battle the power level of pigs increases

    Epic Buttstomp

    Damn it. I should have stay away from the story mode and play the cuties of Flocksburg Eagles a bit longer.

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