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  • Ok, what’s going on with AB2 servers? Neither of my accounts are able to get connected, so large part of game is non-functional. Sometimes, restarting the game helps, but not this time. Connection type does not matter.

    Maybe Rovio got so greedy that they tried not paying their server bills?

    Or… perhaps this is new tactic to get more from players? Pay us or…


    Edit: Finally fixed, allthought some functions are not working as they should. For example, apples gotten from ToF did not count for DQ.


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  • zbert

    I just tried to purchase a clan chest to take advantage of the double pearls.  The choice cards started to appear and then the whole game blew up and now every time I go into the clan area, the game is exited on my iPhone XR.  I’m out the $’s for the clan chest and no recourse.  Any suggestions??


    Not much. For local game corruption the is a choice of reinstalling, if you have you progress backed up. For lost money, contacting Rovio or Apple?



    I woke up to find both feather frenzy and double BP going on, but the feather frenzy only had 8 hours left. :(

    Some how, I have missed pretty much every large amount of feathers and BP like 1500 feathers and 150-300 BP from free chests.

    For some reason, I had four apples in the map levels and 3 apples in the TOF again. I hope I still get them later today like I usually do. Not sure why this happened.


    I’m betting the apples in the map play will no longer be available.

    Rovio wants playing for them in some of their impossible challenges.

    I will see this evening(U.S. CST) as I had the requisite 5 feat apples in TOF, the ‘free’ treasure chests, and the daily challenge rooms leading up to that(for me) impossible king level where they let me get to the king level, but make it impossible to beat it with only a couple of birds left(including the video watch free bird).


    @clay11w, if you paid real $$$ for something (which I do not recommend but that’s a personal choice), you presumably billed it to a credit card. Dispute the charge. I have no idea what will happen but it’s more likely to get their attention than an email or post.


    Normally, we don’t give much credit to the game maker, but in this case Rovio fixed the bug and left a chest for me to open in the current/future clan game icon area.

    My question was more along the lines of how do I make the developers aware of this issue.  I found the answer in a forum which explained how to contact Rovio through the game itself.  I left a detailed explanation of what I was seeing and the issue it caused (a game crash).  It was a repeatable issue.  Someone seems to have read it.

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