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  • I wanted to play some ABF today, and my ipad was down temporarily. Since I freely admit I’m addicted and didn’t want to wait, I grudgingly fired up a PC and launched ABF on the PC. The screen display was about the size of my laptop, say 17″ in dia. While grumbling to myself about it, I started looking around and I saw a button that LOOKED like it might change the window size. Having been disappointed many times before by PC-based software, I clicked on the button. SURPRISE! The game screen went max, and filled up my entire 27″ monitor!!! Not only can I see exactly what I need to, much better than on an iPad, but I can use a mouse to draw/aim.
    I’m a large man. I have very large hands. When playing on the ipad, most of the time I can’t even see the bird or 2/3 of the sling when I’m drawing back, so anything less than full draw, which is required frequently for trick shots, is extremely difficult. On the PC, I can use a mouse and actually SEE WHAT I’M DOING!!! HOW DID I MISS THIS FOR SO LONG??!!
    There is one major downside to this. Since I usually play AB in bed, horizontally, while winding down and getting ready to go to sleep, or to ‘wind up” by starting the day popping piggies before I have to get up, now I need to find a way to play the PC game in bed. I think I need about a 40’ mouse/keyboard cable to reach my PC. For the display, I wonder if the wife would mind if I put a 50″ TV on the ceiling.
    Hmmmm. maybe I should wait until it’s warmer to ask the question. It’s too cold to sleep in the doghouse (and since we don’t have a dog, I’d have to curl up with the raccoons who come to visit).

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  • Kelani

    This is exactly why PC users love that platform :) Mouse is more precise, and a huge screen makes everything (especially micro-adjusting aiming) sooo much better.


    Love your post. Good luck with your idea. Happy flinging!


    If you are really serious about playing AB in bed, you may want to look into getting one of these:


    @sparty83 — I take it that’s a video of your bedroom, right? No wonder you started the AB Anonymous forum!



    I have just the thing for a guy with large hands and fat fingers:

    Capacitive Stylus.

    It’s just like a stylus used for the old-style video games and Palm Pilots, but with a capacitive tip that works on an tablet or smartphone screen.

    Even with my delicate lady fingers, I find it easier to enter text and fling birds with teh capacitive stylus. I got mine at Best Buy, but there are available at all computer supply places.


    @daboid , thanks, I’ll have to check it out. not at best buy, since they have no competition up here, their prices are 40% higher and their selection is smaller than other places. amazon smile/wounded warriors should have something.


    @daboid , it’s time for me to get one of those. more issues today, so I went on Amazon smile, where Ive selected Wounded Warriors as my charity found this:
    Bundle of 3PCS Premium Branded 5.5″ Thin-Tip High Precision Universal Capacitive Stylus Pens + Extra 3 Replaceable Tips and 2 X 15″ Detachable Elastic Lanyards (Red/Black/Silver)
    by The Friendly Swede
    It was $9.99 with two day shipping from amazon prime, so by thursday I should be able to aim a bit better. thanks again for the tip.


    I was going to suggest a stylus as well…. another good thing with a stylus.you can.aim say Han Solos laser shots.more accurately then with your finger…. at least I can, lol….


    just got three fine point styluses, stylusses, styli? in the mail. lot better control on the ipad


    I recommend the silicone tipped stylii, if you can find them. They last longer, and seem to be a bit more precise.

Home Forums General Discussions Forum HOLY SMOKES! How did I miss this for so long?

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