Help Wanted with Cataloging Accessories

  • I’m currently contributing to creating a very comprehensive guide on all things Angry Birds Transformers on the Unofficial Transformers Wiki. I’m trying to include all accessories for each character, including the rare and seasonal limited-edition accessories. So if anyone owns limited-time and other accessories no longer availbe to purchase in the current shop, , you can contribute by providing high-quality images, names, gem costs, star rating, and effects of these accessories.

    Here’s the wanted list:
    *Halloween Hats
    *Christmas Hats
    *Chinese New Year Hats
    *Token costs for exclusive Chinese accessories in the competition

    And there were some accessories in the earliest version of the game, but since have been removed:
    *Wig for Bumblebee
    *Head Cannon for Lockdown
    *Fez for Soundwave
    *Monocle (and top hat?) for Grimlock

    Did anyone actually buy (or screenshot) these old accessories? and are these bought accessories retained in updated versions and gain effects?

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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