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  • Does anyone know if the experience potions work on the mastery points. I am trying to build up the latest series of bird headgear so that they are all just about on the same level. Since you can gain mastery points by simply using the head gear in any part of the game or by purchasing them in the Mighty Eagle Dojo (as well as winning them in bonus campaigns). I want to know if using the experience potion will help earn mastery points. I have max experience right now and a grip of potions that have zero use unless I can use them for Mastery.

    Has this been tested? Can anyone confirm this?

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  • Stevencore


    as far as I know Exp potions do not increase the amount of mastery gained in battles. Save them up to reach the new EXP cap as fast as possible when the’ll increase it to lvl 90 (probably next month).

    If those potions were so useful probably Rovio wouldn’t give them for free so easily…




    Coach MP

    My experience has been that experience potions only work with your experience level and do not affect mastery.  The best way use those is in the caves.  If you feel confident that you have the correct bird team selected are going to beat the cave for the first time, then use the experience potion once.  Earn xp points will be double and you’ll level up quickly.  Then any new weapons from the golden pig will be highest possible value.

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