Has anyone successfully changed Facebook accounts?

  • Hello, Community!

    I connected AB2 to my personal FB (just to get the gems–I’m greedy that way). But I keep getting blue gifts with no one to send them to, and I don’t want to invite any of my FB friends (because who knows if they even play?).

    I read some advice here in the forums that I should create a FB account for gaming, which I did. I also followed these steps:
    1. Uninstalled AB2 from my personal account.
    2. Opened AB2 and chose the “Connect” button.
    3. It asked me to log in to FB, which I did with my new credentials.
    4. It said it was successful and asked if I wanted to return to AB2. I said yes.
    5. When I got back to AB2, Red said “Failed to Connect.”

    When I visit My Games in my new FB account, AB2 *is* there. I have tried disconnecting the game in FB and reconnecting in AB2. I have signed out of my personal FB across the board–browser and app on both my iPad and my iPhone–and signing in with my gaming FB. I have closed all apps and done a hard restart–on both my iPad and my iPhone. To no avail.

    There is one thing I haven’t tried: uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I’m on level 245, so I really don’t want to lose all that progress.

    Has anyone else had any success doing what I’m trying to do? If so, HELP!

    I’ve contacted Rovio support, and I’ll post a follow-up if I hear anything, but I thought I’d reach out to my fellow Nesters to find out if you guys have any advice for me.



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  • MVNLA2

    @mrslove — Hi! Not sure I can help. I don’t know if I’ve re-instaled AB2. Hopefully Rovio can provide some useful advice. Good Luck!


    Thank you! If I get anything from Rovio, I will post it here!


    @mrslove did you ever get this resolved? I’m having a similar issue although I can’t get to my old FB account to uninstall AB2. This is happening for me on my Android phone.

    I’m able to login to FB using the FB app or Chrome and if I look at my FB account on FB, it says that I’m connected to my new FB account, not the old one.

    When I go into AB2 and click on connect I just get that darned error “Failed to connect” with no more info. This happens even if I get the main login to FB window or not. Most of the time it just tries to connect in the background then gives me the error error.

    I have tried logging out of FB in every way, removing the FB account from my Android settings, turning off the phone and turning it back on, clearing my cache, and almost anything else I could think of.

    Did you ever hear back from Rovio? I really, really don’t want to lose my progress as I’m on Level 360. I already lost all my Fight! progress due to the loss of my account. :-(

    Thanks to anyone with ideas!!


    Hi, @laxitoo

    In summary, Rovio developers admit there is a problem connecting to a second FB account and hope to fix that in a future update.

    Here are the details, if you want them: I tried all the things you tried–logging in and out of FB in every way, removing old Facebook account, etc. Nothing worked, so I contacted Rovio. We went back and forth for several days, and I performed the following actions, none of which were successful.
    –They asked me to delete the game from both FB accounts (by opening FB on a browser and going to Settings > Apps > Angry Birds 2 > Remove), then reconnect to the correct account.
    –The next thing they asked me to do was update my iOS to the most recent version.
    –Then they suggested deleting the Facebook app, trying to connect without the app (through a browser) and then reinstalling the Facebook app.
    –In the middle of this, Rovio updated the game in the App Store. They suggested that I install the update.
    –The support rep forwarded my problem to the developers. While the developers investigated the issue, the support rep asked me to make sure the app could access my Facebook account information and friends list. She also suggested that I delete and reinstall the game.

    The last message I got from Rovio was this: “There seems to be an issue with connecting to a second Facebook account and the developers are investigating this as we speak. Hopefully this will be sorted out in one of the future updates. Unfortunately at this point in time we don’t have any additional solutions, it seems that you can either play as connected to your first account or play without connecting to Facebook at all.”

    Since I got this message, the app has been updated twice, and the problem has not been resolved. I will continue to try, but I am not hopeful.


    @roviohuzz @bankler — This needs more attention.


    Thanks for the heads-up, mvnla2. Can’t really promise a fast solution at this point, but when we get time to take care of it your detailed description will be very useful, Patty. I’m sorry that I can’t be more helpful than this at the moment.


    @bankler, no worries! I’m a very patient person, and I’m still able to play the game, so it’s all good. :-) When you do find the time, please let me know if you need more information from me. I’d also be happy to help you test different solutions. Just let me know if I can help in any way!



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