Has anyone found a TF really worth overpowering????

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  • All of the comments I’ve seen so far inply that spending 8k tokens does give any real enhancements to the TF…

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  • Optimus_Pig

    Some players have said yes, but they’ve managed to overpower their TF all the way up to L25.

    the highest I’ve been able to take any of my TFs is L17 and honestly it’s difficult to see the difference.

    the main issue I think is that if say an overpower is worth +50% we don’t know how that bonus s distributed.

    for all we know, it could be a +50% to vehicle time and nothing at all to either firepower or defence.


    Same here. I don’t see any difference between level 14 to level 15, I think the same applies to the difference between level 15 to 16. But I can see difference between level 5 and level 15. I think that the difference will be noticeable only if you raise several levels.

    I’ve overpowered some bots that I really don’t play, to level 16. I like to send the to the hard missions, to raise the chances of getting all items there without watching ads. But I really only overpower some bot if there is nothing else I want from the event.


    I’ve managed to overpower Ratchet to level 19, and I feel there is a noticeable difference as compared to level 15. Both his armor and weapon are clearly stronger.

    Note also that the % increase of each overpower level is pretty random. If I remember correctly, Ratchet’s upgrade from 15 to 16 only added 2% to his overall power (whatever that measurement means, haha!), but at level 19 he’s +36%, and the next upgrade to level 20 gives him another 17%.


    Blaster’s 15 > 16 upgrade is intense. If I recall correctly, it’s +180%. He goes from good to mindblowingly good. His 16 > 17  goes from +180 to +258!

    Similarly, Drift’s 15 > 16 is +189%.

    For the moment, at least, my Blaster (16) has supplanted Energon Grimlock (21) in live events! He’s amazing.


    I concur with uniblab. Blaster has taken over as my main event bot, rather than Ratchet, despite not being great against Boss Pig. He’s just SO much easier to use. I’ll still use Ratchet on missile day, but that’s about it. (From what I hear, I’ll be benching Ratchet for Hound at some point too, but I haven’t used Hound yet since I’ve been working on upgrading him, and it’ll be a LONG time before I can fully promote him too.)

    I just overpowered Blaster to 17. But frankly, he was such an unstoppable monster even at 15, that I’m not sure overpowering him is all that useful in the first place, even with the crazy % numbers he’s getting. I feel like he’s going to get nerfed soon. I’m saying it “out loud” here as sort of a (hopeful) reverse jinx, lol.


    Yeah agreed .. was really pleasantly surprised by blaster at 16 – I’ve overpowered some others (just to 16 each time) & never had such a difference..


    Please show a picture of Blaster! Thx. HAppy 2018🎉


    here you go!


Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Has anyone found a TF really worth overpowering????

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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