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  • Another new event is here. The Valkyries is the leading squad.

    Good luck people and have fun.

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  • pandaczar12

    Hound has brand new accessories. They weren’t available in the barracks until I got them  in a crate.


    Another non-event.

    Perfect time to take a break.

    Happy Festivus, everyone.


    Time to drop most of my gems to get Sideswipe.


    I will grab sparks and be out. I plan to enjoy Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!


    *For the record*
    In the token exchange is Energon Optimus Prime, Chromia, Sideswipe and Airachind along with all their accessories. All event exclusive Autobirds (except Nemesis) are also in there (but only to level up not unlock, right?)

    Two bots are used, no energonicon. Only Autobirds can be used.

    I’m just getting sparks and Sideswipe’s cannon. Maybe the holiday hats if I can. I’d like to get E.Optimus’ Star Saber (since I’m trying to get every accessory) but it is just too expensive (especially when I don’t have anyone promoted from the bonus squad) for something that I won’t even use since my axe is already upgraded to a +31%.

    Mechanic Pig

    There are lots of Transformers to buy lol


    Sideswipe is the only bot I want left so I’ll use gems to unlock him in a day then get his accessories in the exchange.


    Lots of bots to overpower in my case, but none of them is of my interest.

    I want to buy the saber for Energon Optimus Prime, but I made a mistake. I put one of my promoted bots in a 24 hours mission, and I noticed I have only Energon Grimlock promoted for this event. I cannot use my other promoted bots, because they are not available.

    This will cap my score on day one, but it costs 5.000 tokens, so it is still reachable.


    I started playing an event last week before I knew that an app update was available.   Then I updated and played out the Hound event.  I think that other event was called something else (autobirds roll out?), but the bonus squad and most of the prizes were the same.  Anyway, when I started this event, the 500 tokens I had earned in the short time I played that other event had carried over.  nice surprise for a change.   Will just get a few missing accessories and sparks.  star saber is an expensive waste since my Energon Optimus already has a 31% axe, better than the saber that would replace it.


    I am skipping the star sabre. I have an ax that is +18%. That extra 7% isn’t worth 5000 tokens to me


    So they actually ran that parallel event now.

    Mechanic Pig

    I accidentally promoted Arcee instead of Airachind, so now I have to say bye to my 3 gems :( Also, I have about twice as many points as 2nd!


    @christian-cosgrove So everything worked out well in the end if you have twice the number of points. So you may end up first today.


    I will go for Overpower Ratchet to level 18, if I collect 10k tokens.


    Merry Christmas Everyone.


    Good, Ratchet at level 18 may be useful.

    The Dark Knight

    Merry Christmas People!


    Merry Christmas to you!

    I just got the most ridiculously lame and short Unicron ever (or, at least, that I ever had). It was on the beach, and it was filled with Falling Monoliths that were falling, but that’s not the ridiculously short and lame part. That part was the Astro Train arriving prematurely, and Unicron’s life force bar didn’t disappear until my Transformer was, literally, boarding the Astro Train. Because of all of that, I only got a little over 700 points from shooting at the target objects. What is wrong with this picture?


    Also, I don’t think that I’ve encountered this glitch, yet, with this event, but during the parallel event before I had to update the game, my bot occasionally kept being devastatingly struck by an INVISIBLE force that seemed to have the destructive power of a Falling Monolith, but there was no evidence as to what had struck my bot. How am I suppose to dodge something that I cannot see? I have also noticed that there seem to be more Falling Monoliths (that are actually falling) with this event and the parallel event, including on the regular map runs.


    The last day’s target is presents, but blue presents in the Meadow don’t count like they did last Christmases. So the level with haystacks and rows of blue presents yields the absolute least maximum score of 200. Terribly ironic.


    P.S: Finally got Blaster after missing…how many events with him?


    Ok, I just had a very good round at the spire.  I got, among other things, over 10,000 tokens.  I don’t have any of the bots this event, so which should I go for?  And to think I wasn’t playing this event.


    I don’t know about anyone else, but this was the 2nd or 3rd Event that was capped at a average of 500 pre bonus, with only 1 boss pig and 1 unicorn the entire Event.

    It really feels like they are trying to wind this game down.


    Proof that there are bots



    Look at the august person. This is an only autobird event and that player has a decepticon?

    Luis C.

    Hey guys, I just managed to get 9996 tokens which leaves me open to acquire any of the following bots:

    – Sideswipe

    – Redalert

    – Energon Windblade

    Which one do you recommend I get ?


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