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  • Ten years ago today, the original Angry Birds was released on iOS and Maemo devices!  Whether you like the current games or not, I’m sure we can all agree that we’ve had many fond memories with this amazing series.  Here’s to another ten, and many more!

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  • Flash1275

    So I’m a bit of a newbie, only started playing 9 years and 6 months ago… and have thoroughly enjoyed climbing up through the ranks.

    However, the latest upgrade of ABF, instead of a 10-year celebration, seems to be a “reformat it to appeal to 10 year-old children”.

    I hate it! The soft, cuddly graphics, the childish bouncing of the birds, the screens, the graphics… it’s all a massive turn off for me!

    What used to be a strategy/tactic/skills game has been “babyfied” … I’ve tried to ignore it and just focus on the game itself, but I can’t!

    So today, after 9.5 years, I’m deleting the app and saying goodbye to Rovio and Angry Birds. I have written to them from both of my accounts (yeah, I played so much I actually have 2 separate accounts, at Diamond 9 and Diamond 13!), but they seem largely unconcerned to have alienated their older fan base. I guess the advertising revenue form all the child-based adverts means they don’t have to care!

    so farewell my ABF colleagues, I’m off to play Lemmings and Hill Climb Racer.

    thanks for all the help, tips and walkthroughs!

    Good luck and have fun (if you still can!)



    To be fair, Windows 10 version of AB Friends was released with those graphics from start. 

    I’ve found AB in its “powerups era”, in late 2012. My first version of AB was AB Chrome. Then, I’ve decided to install thrm on my iPad 2. I still remember how Angry Birds was a paid app in App Store.

    I played them in 2012-2016, then I’ve stopped, because I lost my interest in them, mostly because Angry Birds was now a free app in App Store with ads. Come on, Rovio, I’ve bought them. Why should I play with ads now?

    Then in 2018, I continued playing on PC, I had to pirate all of versions, besides Rio and Star Wars.

    In December of 2018, I’ve found this page on TCRF. 3 weeks later, with no instructions, I’ve managed to edit my first .lua file.

    Some time later, I’ve found modding thread on AB Nest.

    I still think that old times of slingshot games were better. I have got nothing againt Toons style in games, btw. The same couldn’t be said for Movie style. 

Home Forums General Discussions Forum Happy 10th Bird-day Angry Birds!

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