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  • I have suffered through all the glitches since the “upgrade” and waited for all of the problems to get fixed.  Now most of them, are ,except for an occasional freeze screen for no apparent reason. Now the game changer for me. Two power ups allowed per game including the star cup. This means in order to be one of the top point getters you have to use more power ups to compete. Pay to play in other words. I have been playing this great game since it came out but now there is no challenge to beat the other guy. You have to keep buying more power ups to be the top player, not the best player. I wish they would get rid of all of power ups and make it a pure game again. I am DONE with it. RIP Angry birds friends. I have to find another game.

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  • missy-little

    I agree some players have 10’ s of thousands power up’s , enough to waste a wingman at the end to get free 10,000 points at the end

    Marcelle King

    Hi there,

    I’ve played AB Friends since day one and really look forwards to the 3 weekly competitions. First they increased 6 levels to 8 in each one, which I could just about cope with financially. Now they’ve increased the power-ups I’m having to very sadly say bye bye to the game. £75 worth of power-ups would last me two months at first, then with increased levels about 6 weeks and now my £75 has lasted two weeks. If this game was advertised with a subscription of £150 a month their would be no one signing up, but that’s what’s happening in effect. During the lockdown too when many are struggling financially. This game is now only really open to the super rich, cheaters and yes very very good players with lots of free gifts that don’t need to spend anything (yet).

    I too have seen players with thousands of power-ups from having hundreds of ‘gifters’ no doubt. Now that’s been capped to 30 as well.

Home Forums Angry Birds Friends Forum Great, now two powers ups per game?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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