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  • As many others have reported here, I’ve now encountered the level-up bug when you gain enough stars in the arena to gain a level, but don’t get any of the rewards. I haven’t liked AB 2 since Rovio changed the arena format. The bugs are just too numerous and annoying. In my case, Matilda gets skipped in the arena feather reward to level up your birds. Now I’m not getting the rewards for increasing in star level, as I said. I don’t like the new arena arrangement and I keep getting matched up against much stronger opponents. It just doesn’t matter which league you’re in anymore and I keep getting promoted to Diamond League even though I shouldn’t be.

    Ah well. If Rovio comes out with something interesting, I’ll come back, but I’m done for now. None of the other games interest me either.

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  • wrw01

    Have not played in over a month and I do not miss the game.

    In fact it feels great not to play because the stress and anxiety of playing against known hacks and cheats each week is gone. In addition, the disappointment in Rovio for not aggressively going after theses hacks so the honest players would have a fair and competitive chance of win or place in the top three is also gone.

    In short, not playing AB2 has been a positive improvement in my attitude because playing in a known “rigged” game is a behavior of defeatism and discouragement. This becomes apparent when the individuals and company responsible to fix the game correctly, publicaly, refuses to do so because it is not on their list of priorities to aid the honest players.

    One fact Rovio neglects to publicaly consider or acknowledge, honest players spend money on a good game, hacks and cheats do not, they just laugh at the rest of players who continue to play their “rigged” game.


    *singing* 99 nesters playing the game, 99 nesters playing! Make one leave, forget the grieves, 98 nesters playing the game! *singing*

    Ya get it? Hehehehe!

    Really though, people are leaving the game just as fast as the bottles of pop from the real song are being drank.


    @andalaybay – I’m one of the recent whingers about lack of reward for ranking up, and it happened again when I ranked up today. After accumulating I can’t remember how many stars (think it’s 200 for the next one) you’d expect some meaningful acknowledgment, but if I remember rightly in the distant past, it was only 3 gems or a few feathers – still better than nothing!
    I too am fed up with the Arena and match ups with people with higher ranked birds and lots of spells.
    As for the Daily Challenge, after the effort required to complete and then only to be rewarded with a miserly chilli spell in the ‘treasure’ chest I’ve lost my motivation for that too.
    For me, it’s Terrence that never seems to get the daily feathers.
    Having slogged through all 580 levels, now in two minds whether to continue when the new ones come out on Thursday.

    Power Pork

    That’s right…
    Count me too, make it 97! ?


    It’s the little things that make a big difference and this game keeps removing or losing the little things that kept us playing. Adding 20 levels every two weeks doesn’t introduce anything new, it’s just more of the same. You used to get a nice reward every 5 increases in star rank. Now those are gone too. You used to get red gifts or treasures every once in a while. Those are gone.

    It’s ok. I’ve got other games to play. ?


    @andalaybay The red chests aren’t entirely gone!!!
    I just encountered one yesterday… thing is I ONLY have them appearing with like a 1/1000th chance, and so far ONLY if I repeatedly fail a level…


    @smwforever45 Red gifts are different from red chests. And, yes, the red gifts are entirely gone. (The gift was red and tied up with a bow, like the blue-and-white Facebook friend gifts one occasionally runs into.) Red chests now appear if you’re certain to fail a level, to get you to spend gems/money to continue on so you can find out what you’re missing in that elusive chest.


    If the game is intelligent enough to know I’m certainly failing a level, it must be doing something to MAKE me fail the level. XD

    I was able to open one of these mystic chests btw (and no I didn’t spend gems to finish that level). No different content than in a normal Premium chest.

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