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  • I kept track of Weapons and Offhand Items awarded by the Golden Pig Machine over quite a few weeks time period. This represents items awarded while the Rainbow Bar was full. The rolls included the once daily rolls on friend’s machines as well as quite a few Lucky Coins spent on rolls – including those granted at the end of the week with a full card (where I’d expect to see more Legendary Set items) and a few videos.

    I don’t know if it matters – but I don’t have every bird class – so here’s a list of what I do have (all at top levels in their class except as noted):

    Red:    Knight, Guardian, Samurai, Paladin and Avenger
    Yellow: Mage, Lightning Bird, Rainbird and Wizard (one missing)
    White:  Cleric (not maxed out), Druid, Princess and Bard (one missing)
    Black:  Pirate, Cannoneer, Bersek (not maxed out) and two missing
    Blue:   Tricksters, Rogues, Marksmen and Spies (one missing)

    In the table that follows the number reflects the number of times I received that item. For those items that are not legendary set items I didn’t bother to track how many stars were provided (as I was more interested in what got served up).

    Where the letter N is indicated that means the item was NEW (I didn’t have it previously during this accounting) – and numbers that follow indicate how many times I received that item. The letter U indicates that the item was upgraded.

    Legendary set items are listed first (as the first three).

    Red - Weapons
       1 - Titan's Wrath
       0 - Dragontooth
       3 - Steel Force
      10 - Piercing Hammer
       3 - Tickling Sword
    N 13 - Scratching Lance
       2 - Teasing Lance
       3 - Ringing Hammer
       3 - Dry Sword
    Red - Offhand Items
       0 - Dragonscale
    U  1 - Steel Wall
       3 - Titangrip
    N  1 - Blocking Shield
    N  2 - Scarey Banner
    N  2 - Covering Shield
       2 - Sassy Banner
    Yellow - Weapons
       1 - Chronos
    U  3 - Phoenix Feather
       2 - Living Lightning
       1 - Bushy Broom
       2 - Sticky Wand
    N  1 - Solem Staff
    Yellow - Offhand Items
       0 - Chronometer
       0 - Lightning Tome
    U  1 - Phoenix Egg
       2 - Fond Book
       2 - Howling Orb
    White - Weapons
    N  2 - Honey Spoon
       5 - Doom
       0 - Yin
       7 - Pointy Comb
       4 - Raging Pan
       2 - Joyful Harp
    White - Offhand Items
    N  5 - Demise
       0 - Honey Jar
       0 - Yang
       4 - Colorful Bag
       3 - Stuffed Puppet
    N  1 - Bottomless Bag
    Black - Weapons
    U  1 - Candy Bomb
       0 - Rock
    N  2 - Golden Pistol
       4 - Sporty Blaster
       5 - Hawk-Eyed Pistol
       3 - Cozy Glove
       1 - Double Tap
    Black - Offhand Items
       2 - Golden Bullet
       0 - Candy Chain
       2 - Paper
    N  2 - Mad Mojo
       4 - Revealing Map
    Blue - Weapons
       2 - RC Robot
       1 - The Sling
    N  2 - Ballista
       9 - Swift Sling
    N  3 - Funky Boomerang
       3 - Flickering Bow
       2 - Playful Sling
    Blue - Offhand Items
       3 - Remote Control
       0 - Ballista Bolts
    N  1 - Angry Birds Plushies
    U  3 - Mighty Card
       2 - Squeaking Horn
    154 items were awarded
     25 were legendary set weapons  (16%)
     18 were legendary set offhand  (12%)
     81 were regular weapons        (53%)
     30 were regular offhand items  (19%)
     43 were legendary set combined (28%)
    111 were regular items combined (72%)
     49 were for red    (32%)
     33 were for white  (21%)
     31 were for blue   (20%)
     26 were for black  (17%)
     15 were for yellow (10%)
    106 were weapons    (69%)
     48 were offhand    (31%)
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  • [EpicBomber]

    54 different items were awarded. That means a frustrating 65% of them were duplicates. 13 of the 54 different items (or 25%) were actually new. 5 of the 13 were new legendary set items – 38% of the new items or 9% of the total items. (I have all legendary set items now.)

    I keep only one of each item in inventory – so when I’m awarded one of the same that I already have I scrap the one with the lowest value (least desirable).

    As you can imagine I’ve scrapped quite a few. I wish the application had an option to automatically scrap duplicates (and identical items of lesser value).

    Being maxed out at level 33 (and I think it was 29 before that) had its advantages: you could top off your weapons and offhand items. Going forward though I don’t think I’m going to be so aggressive with trying to upgrade items … or at least until such time that the foes require it.


    @epicbomber — Great list! I wish Rovio would fix the Golden Pig machine so that you didn’t get items you already own at the same level, especially now that we can no longer get a guaranteed set item every day.


    Good information, but you made a mistake by scrapping weaker items. The only items you should ever consider scrapping are duplicates. I wouldn’t scrap duplicates either in case they implement a multiplayer feature where you can trade items with people. The reason is for when you fight enemies with the dodge abilities you need a weaker weapon. Unless all your characters are already mastery level 10 the weapon you use will change. Maybe they’ll let the mastery level go beyond 10 since the previous max was 7 or 5 for people didn’t want to spend the 275 LC to upgrade to Master level in earlier versions.


    Why cant I post new topics. I do it but they never appear


    If you post questions about a specific level, an admin often deletes it because they want you to post those questions in the walk through section.

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