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  • A somewhat redundant tip perhaps, but just in case you hadn’t thought of it yet.

    If you want to stack up on coins (for future level upgrades) re-fight the island pigs in their boats. Fight easy ones for easy coins. Because right now you are likely not using all of your ship lives anyways.

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  • Rowdypup

    @karlijn what about Gems?


    I used to do that during arena events when I had shortage of coins.

    I would go to island 1 pig ship and get $1000 per fight. Fighting 30 times per day gave me $30000. 4 days arena event meant 4x$30000= $120000 eash cash.

    Now, I have 1 million coins… Just waiting to be spent.


    I do that as well.


    @ktakano from you “now i have 1 mil. just waiting to be spend”

    Good luck with that. i have 1 mil for too long time. And there nowhere to spend.

    Allways keep geting gold and there nothing to spend golds.

    Sometimes i am wining some SS items from slot or events, i dont need tham because i have betters. But still upgrading. Still i have 1 mil gold and keep wasting on bad items i will never use them.

    Hope rovie figure out something to spend gold (example 5. Star unlocked can be worth like 200.000 gold or maybe 500.000)


    Rovio will eventually let us unlock the bird locks from level 35 to 40.
    That means another 6 birds x 50,000 = 300,000 spent.

    Also, when the players finally release the pig from the lab, they will have to upgrade the pig’s items and increase the level.

    Still, we will have plenty of money left.

    I wish we could buy gems with coins like 1 gem = 100,000; or just let us buy ship energies with coins; or use them to open the premium chest.


    @ktakano yes still we will have so much money.

    my every lab 3 star with done all chests unlocked.

    Have some 4star SS 4star S all upgraded.

    Total have more than 70 SS item all upgraded.
    Have 30-40 S item (only collecting some cute looking S items) all upgraded.
    Full lvl35

    Not using ship energys on arena times for the earn money.

    Stash have 150.000 gold.

    My character have 985.000 gold right now.

    in that table i still have more than lvl 40 needed (and moneys keep coming on events and arenas)

Home Forums Angry Birds Fight! Forum Get coins by fighting defeated pigs again

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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