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  • I have been coming to this site for a while now, mostly to figure out how to get three stars in every level of the older versions of the games. I have pretty much abandoned those versions for Angry Birds 2, though I do occasionally sign in to get daily rewards and play once in a while. I found this forum towards the end of March when the update caused the game to crash when logging in. The issue got fixed. Now we have the daily challenges.

    Some people like to throw credentials around, so here are mine. All birds at a high level five, about to enter level 526, beat the two daily challenges, 54 stars, currently 1st in the arena with a solid lead. Does any of that matter?

    Stop complaining. Stop whining. The game is fun. Frustrating at times but that is a learning curve. I am old school, where games had a learning curve and were not easy to beat. I didn’t like games that were easy and a person could win right out of the box. Working and learning makes it more enjoyable in the end.

    Learn it, play it, enjoy the challenge. Spend money if you are impatient, or just have patience and determination to get through the levels. Stop the whining. If it crashes then there is a legitimate complaint. Work with Rovio on that and Rovio will work with us.

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  • AndalayBay

    Some of us are old-timers like you, but we don’t like the recent changes to Angry Birds’ games, including this one. They have become too commercial and forced. I don’t like the constant pressure to spend real money. I would happily buy the game to begin with and not have any ads. Unfortunately that doesn’t make enough money for game developers. In-app purchases have become the norm. Rovio just hasn’t gotten the balance right yet and we’re frustrated with the changes.

    AB 2 is too repetitive though. I’ve gotten bored with it and rarely play anymore. *shrug* Not sure what to suggest in that regard.


    So indestructible tiny Pigs, birds bouncing off of their corresponding material, Terence getting dropped by freaking balloons, near impossible to beat boss levels, a huge lack of feathers that makes it take literally months to level up a bird without paying and the arena being overrun by cheaters and hackers is supposed to be fun and presents a learning curve? I don’t think so. You can’t just “learn” how to deal with problems like these.

    And I do like a nice challenge. However, with the problems stated above, this is not the kind of challenge people want. These challenges do NOT take skill to beat. These challenges do NOT provide a learning curve and these challenges are NOT fun in any way. I’m sorry but I disagree with everything you said.

    I would also like to point out that if the majority of the AB2 community is complaining there must be a problem.


    It’s hard to get a grip when you spend nearly £9 on a king red pack and then you don’t get what was advertised. Then you find out Rovio knew this but still sold them anyway.

    It’s hard to get a grip when they remove gifts and chests from levels 9 and 13 because Rovio want to create a level playing field, yet are quite happy for you to face opponents in the arena playing 7 bird cards and 5 spell cards.

    It’s hard to get a grip when hackers and cheats win league after league, week after week.

    It’s hard to get a grip watching players on here point out what’s working and what’s not, but Rovio rarely listen.

    It’s hard to get a grip and figure out why despite concerns been continually raised about the lack of play testing, an update was released on a holiday weekend that didn’t work and stopped people playing the game for three/four days.

    It’s hard to get a grip and watch people come on here and say they aren’t playing anymore.

    It’s hard to get a grip and stand back and say nothing, while pretending everything is rosy while a game we love is being strangled by incompetence from


    @captsternn Here’s a pro-tip: Get a grip man. Whoever wants to whine, that’s their business. you don’t have the right to complain against them. Deal with it.


    Complaints make up 95% of the AB2 Forum. People don’t like to screwed out of money and manipulated by company greed. Hard core slingers don’t like it when incompetence and total randomness dictate a game. I’m a golf pro and I get really bored in the winter months and I like to find a game to play. This year it was AB2. I love the game and it’s extremely addicting. I don’t mind spending money here and there but when the money I spend is basically stolen from me then I get upset. Most people would. I think deep down the main reason why so many people get so upset with this game is because it truly has the potential to be magnificent and people always get the maddest at what they love the most. Truthfully , I visit the Nest several times a day just to read the comments. Some of them crack me up. I’ve ranted about a dozen or so times myself. If positive changes were ever made to this game then perhaps people will visit the AB2 Forum to post compliments. I doubt it will ever happen but hey, anything is possible.

    I quit playing the Arena when the cost of admission doubled. That’s roughly 80$ a month Rovio lost forever. I never played for the 100 gem prize. I simply played just to play. I loved playing matches all day. My Daily Challenges crash every time. I’ve completed 4 of them and crash, crash ,crash right when I beat the Boss. I spent my gems on these so after getting railroaded I will never play them again. Currently I’m completing one campaign level per day. I went from playing all day long to playing 5 minutes a day. It’s Rovios loss not mine. Have a great day my fellow complainers!!!



    @partshade Bang on, mate. Couldn’t agree more. It’s nothing to do with “learning the game” – we all know to play. My creds are pretty strong – I’ve finished pretty much every AB game, and never move on til I get 3 stars – but AB 2 is devoid of skill. Hugely annoying to be stuck for days on a level, knowing it has nothing to do with skill – you’re just waiting for Rovio to decide you can move on in a flurry of free cards, strikes and sardines.
    And while I’m at it – ice?! Tell me, had anyone ever received ice as a FC and been happy about it? It actually wastes 2 cards. And don’t get me started on the new peperami creature….


    My apologies. I am new to this forum and was out of line.


    @captsternn Being new to the forum and immediately starting it with a pretentious lecture isn’t the best way to start a topic discussion, mate.


    @captsternn – Don’t lose heart, remember, when things are going smoothly there is rarely anything to post. IMO the vast majority of players are in your boat, and the vocal minority who are experiencing issues tend to make the majority of posts. These serve their own purpose, as when something out of line does happen to me, I can come here to see that I am not alone and the problem has been recognized and reported already. This game does not lend itself well to helpful hints type posts, hence the overwhelming majority of posts will be about something a player does not like.


    My apology is sincere, Dat. Right now I still have the ability to edit my comment and erase everything I said. I will let it stand as a warning to myself and any others. I was out of line.

    Burb, thank you. Same reason I found this forum a few days ago. I appreciate this site. I also appreciate one of the developers/programmers reading this forum.


    I believe you are sincere and it takes a big person to admit fault. As you said you could just delete the comments and it’s gone. I respect you for this. I, for one, have spouted off a few times on here when I shouldn’t have. I’ve also let this game get to me a few times and that’s my problem and not the games. I knew things were kind of whacky with this puppy a few months ago but I continued to play- no one held a gun to my head and made me. At the end of the day it is just a game and not a life or death matter. With the exception of those minions of Hell Teleporter Pigs.( just joking) well kind of. I really do hate those suckers. Take care Capt.



    I don’t believe you were out of line, the truth is the state in which the forum is right now isn’t a pretty sight. I mean, let’s be serious, almost all threads are complaint threads and the majority of those aren’t even valid complaints, it’s just people fussing over stuff they know nothing about or don’t understand. I’ll be honest, if I was a dev working at Rovio I’d be bashing my head against the wall reading some of these posts.

    That’s not to say that there’s nothing to complain about because oh boy there’s plenty. What started as an okay game quickly went downhill as we received changes after changes that we didn’t want or need. We would probably not be receiving any updates if it weren’t for ingame transactions but like @andalaybay said Rovio simply hasn’t found that golden balance yet and their experimenting is hurting customers.

    If you’re getting so worked up over a game, it’s probably time for you to take a pause, uninstall and/or stop visiting these forums. There are plenty of other games out there and who knows maybe in a year you’ll come back to a game that has ironed out most of its issues.


    “Here’s a pro-tip: Get a grip man. Whoever wants to whine, that’s their business. you don’t have the right to complain against them. Deal with it.”

    Ya know, I missed that comment. I was feeling bad about my rant and apologizing, but … and I quote Larry the Cable Guy … “That’s funny, I don’t care who you are.”


    The developers are being forced to keep making it so you are more likely to make in app purchases, probably not their fault. Rovios profit finally started falling in last two years so instead of actually making new better games their strategy is to try to milk money out of existing ones. Wait until the movie flops. That is their best shot to get merchandising revenue going again which is gone. If that doesn’t work, it will just get worse


    I got a grip…I uninstalled the game. I use to love the game but all the change and the arena battle and the inability of Rovio to fix that and two other issues were enough for me and to be honest I feel much better.

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