Battle Bay – General FAQ

  • What is Battle Bay?

    A fast and fun real-time multiplayer game. Train a talented and crafty crew, equip your ships with the deadliest weapons, and battle other players online to claim the bay!

    Is Battle Bay available for my device?

    Please check your app store to see if Battle Bay is available on your device. Battle Bay requires iOS 8 and higher on iOS devices, and Android 4.1 and above on Android devices.

    I don’t like the name I registered in the game. Can I change it?

    Sorry! You’ll have to brave the bay with your original name.

    I want to restart Battle Bay with a fresh game, is that possible?

    Sure is! Reinstall the app and do not sync the new game with Game Center. If you have previously synced a game to Game Center, you won’t be able to remove it.

    How do I find out what icons in the game mean?

    Tap, or tap-and-hold an icon for a popup explanation

    Saving your game on iOS devices – Game Center

    To save progress on iOS devices please connect to Game Center when prompted.

    Saving your game on Android devices – Google Play Games

    Unfortunately there currently isn’t a way to save your Android game online – stay tuned!

    Can I sync my progress sync between devices?

    Yes, if they are all iOS devices.

    I have two Apple iOS devices with two different games on them. How can I get the same game on both devices?

    Make sure you’ve synced the game you want to continue with to Game Center. Then sign in to the same Game Center account on the second device to load the saved game.

    Can I sync my progress between different platforms?

    Unfortunately you cannot currently sync between platforms – stay tuned!

    The game is asking if I want to sync my game from another device. What will happen if I click yes/no?

    Clicking “Yes” will sync your game state from your other device to the device you have in your hands. Clicking “No” will give you a fresh start.

    I’ve lost all my progress! What do I do?

    Please contact the Rovio Support Team.

    Submit a support request at

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  • Bird Leader

    Very helpful, thanks.


    @sal9 Uh, there is something wrong here with the wording,

    Saving your game on Android devices – Google Play Games

    Unfortunately there currently isn’t a way to save your Android game online – stay tuned!

    Google Play games is online/ cloud save. Whichever game uses Google Play games to sync can sync whenever you uninstall and/or reinstall the game. That is your cloud save system. Saying it can sync with Google Play games but then saying it doesn’t save your progress online is a bit redundant.


    Thanks @datguygamer That was a formatting error. Currently, progress is saved only on ios devices. Rovio is planning to implement Google Play very soon.


    @sal9 Ah, makes sense. Maybe they’ll implement Facebook cloud sync later. Anyways, thanks for the FAQ.


    How do i apply perks? i just cant seem to figure that out thanks!

    Bird Leader

    @luckynumber5 I believe you need a rare item or higher for there to be a perk slot. When you see the circle you then just drag the perk over. @sal9 may have more info though.


    @luckynumber5 You gain perk slots at various rarity and tier levels. For example, you get a slot for an uncommon item when you reach tier 3 (not sure if you get any for common items). Rare and Epic Tier 1 items have one, at Tier 2 they have 2.

    Keep in mind, those perks do help a little, but Talents/Fusing are by far more efficient ways to upgrade your items. I would save those precious resources to purchase items for fusing/evolving.

    Hope this helps!

    cc: @birdleader


    Actually, @sal9 Please edit question”I want to restart Battle Bay with a fresh game.Is that possible?”

    EDIT:iOS:Yes,delete and reinstall!If you already logged into Game Center on it,you still can!Slide the icon “Battle Bay”to the left.You will see the word


    Press that and then go to the app store and reinstall.Or,hold any icon on your home screen for about three seconds.Every icon will then show a tiny X at the top left corner.Press that.Press “Delete,” and then it will say.

    Remove from Game Center?All data from this app will be deleted..etc..

    Remember.That is iOS only.

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