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  • Hi all. i just loged for the tell my ideas about game.

    1= make items a little helper. Not game changer (my most char have 2x SS)

    2= Take Care of leaderboard. We dont want cheaters.

    3= the GG chests not giving anything. Used more than 500 (yes more than it. i am in top300 in LB now. So gaining more point) all i got A-B-C items.
    – didnt get any ship energy, didnt get S item, didnt get 3000 gold item.
    – increase ship + Bird energys from tham.

    4= Sometimes fight over bedore someone got Zero heal. So many time i lost
    for example.

    i am hiting 100
    Enemy hiting me 80

    i have 270 heal left, enemy 274 heal left. And fight overing i am losing. Why? if duel isnt over and we do hit just 1 more time i will win. Fix it for a fair duel.

    5= take care of hackers. i saw a lvl 100+ bird (i do win duel)

    6= Watch Video not working after last update. i am geting black screen and have to reset game. (Asus zenfone 5)

    7= 13 day event really so long. i wish to didnt started, its really painfull 13 day. i do prefer 7 day is enough for it.

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  • llrr

    Only thing I can say about 4 is, if you have no attack left then the fight finishes…


    Tehe i do write it long ago. maybe support just checked and post it :)


    The fight system is realy simpel, the number you hit for means nothing and is just there for cosmetic purposes (it’s 10% of your attack score)

    Defence + Life – Oponent Attack = End result.
    If your end result is higher number than oponents you win.
    However it is not done instantly or we would have lots of ties with both at 0 Life left. Instaid attack reduces defence/life by 1, x times over 10 seconds with x being the attack, and because of this you might notice sometimes the fights finish with attack power still remaning because one of the birds ran out of life before attack power was exhausted.

    Also special mention to the fact that defence is reduced before life and if defence cannot be reduced to 0 you CANT win against your oponent… if both of you cant reduce defence to 0 it’s a Tie even if one have 999 defence left and the other have 1.


    Seems you guys accepting others? Atack is ok. So what you guys thinking about others?

    i ll edit;

    1= take care of hackers. its not funy to see leader board with hackers (mod apk users)

    2= make items only a lil helper. Not the game changers.

    3= gg chests;
    – they are not giving anything good. S items also weak feon that chests. And its not a good idea so many ppl not giving GG. i think it can be like that

    *** duel winner sure geting 2 token. if loser dont give GG still winner will have it. Loser can gain 2 token only if winner give a GG.

    4: watch video (its working now. i think they fixed)

    5: 13 say event really long (they did it 11 day now, so its good. But i think its still long. i do prefer 1 week max)

    6: again take care of hackers :) some players allways on duel. Like they have unlimited energy. when i play i am seeing allways same players. Sorry but its hard to believe they are using that much gems. Also its posible to see lvl 100+ players, or 3-5000 armor players.


    @skayra for #2, the items must be game changers, otherwise, nobody would pay money to buy gems, and if nobody pays money, Rovio makes no profit, and if there is no profit, they might close the game.

    ***** censored *****

    Or they could diversify their strategy. Making a movie is a good idea. They can use Fight! as an advertisement to attract people to watch the movie, so even though they don’t have profit on Fight!, but they can make a lot more with the movie in 2016. Maybe….


    Hmmm i dont think so.

    100000 Active player really a hight result on this game.

    And just DONT FORGET; Game companys earning money from Download rate + active player rate + ads in games + ads in forum +++. Thats why ton of HD games free on google play and so many of tham dont need use 1 peny.

    So i dont think if the gem sale drop a lil they will shoot down a game that much player playing it. But offcourse they deserve to earn more coz angry bird almost most populer game character on mobile. They did a good job with that characters and funy games.

    Btw i dont think its right to talk about company job. So its better to not write details.

    At the point i dont think there gonna have a shoot down.

    Also if the items not game changer (help little) its still not mean ppl will not want that items.

    a little helper mean if A item have 100 atack, S should 130, SS 160.

    in that case players still gonna want SS (also SS set items can add a good looking Glow so that way everyone gonna want SS set without care power. Only a glow enough to everyone wanna SS set)


    @skayra Maybe it’s just me. For me, I’m all about practicality. I wouldn’t pay for something unless it’s useful. But that’s just me. I’m sure many players would like their birds to use cool-looking items. It’s like many online RPG games, players like different sprite and outfits for their characters.

    I think it would be a good idea to take into consideration the stats of the birds, not just the level. In stead of matching players with similar level, they should match players with similar stats.


    really i have 2 SS on each bird. But if i use bomb, and there A-S item player. i dont need to focus duel because probably i will win. Think about it my bomb VS blue or stella with A items. Probably i will win %99 percent. i think SS should better but not so huge differentce. Also it would good if SS set gonna have a glow

    SS hat, SS weapon, SS hand = glow or animation before start duel like a long nose

    Netto JM

    “I think it would be a good idea to take into consideration the stats of the birds, not just the level. In stead of matching players with similar level, they should match players with similar stats.”

    , If it’s works this way, Rovio can’t get money, what’s the point in getting better equipment if this is not giving you any advantage? sometimes i’m above, sometimes not, I’m cool with it so far.


    @netto-jm Yes, that’s why I said, the items are meant to be game changers, that’s how people will want to buy them.


    About the matching, I get high-ranked people that have real numbers for global leaderboard rankings, not just a rough range. I’d like to have the matching adjusted for leaderboard RANKING as well as the previous algorithms. It makes more sense that way.

    I feel that the items should stay as they are. It would destroy the purpose of the items and to an extent, the use of gems and coins. Also, people are used to the current situation, so it’s best to leave it as it is now.

    About #3, the GG chest doesn’t require gems, so there’s no complaining that it would work so badly, especially for getting a pile of coins that is not good for using as a battle item. However, the GG system should probably be fixed, so you could say, have a 30% chance of getting a GG for any thumbs-ups. But elite players are probably not going to use it anyways. An alternative could be getting one GG randomly every few battles, regardless of thumbs-ups. Your suggestion of giving 2 GGs for winners and losers with a thumbs-up from the winner is flawed, because the winner wouldn’t want to thumbs-up the loser – it wouldn’t hurt the winner not to do so.


    @freckledpig14, one player may have a very strong high level bird and a very weak low level bird at the same time. Leaderboard ranking is for the player and not for separate birds, I don’t think it would be fair to base matching on it. At least unless a new type of matches is added with all birds against all birds.


    @tantan I like matching based on stats, this way, people with crappy items will fight other people with crappy items, and people with better items will fight other people with better items.

    But this kind of matching will likely eliminate the urge to pay money for gems and play the slot.

    But maybe not, some people will still want to have better items, and these people will play the slot to get them.


    Yeah, matching based on level makes the game interesting. You can get matched up against any one, regardless of how good their items are.

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