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  • So I have been reading post and replies by GregLaw Gregory BrettExient on the ABT facebook group. One post by him “Good news everyone! I finally found that the flying pigs health was 4x higher than before as you guys pointed out! Will get the fix in soon… Sorry” and that it should be taken care of in december update. Also there was a reply from him that there might be something with the coming soon area of the map sometime February which might mean a new area of the map finally.

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  • David

    Another post he just made
    “Good news part deux! Energon Galvatron and Energon Soundwave will have there damage levels returned. Galvatron was halved and Energon Soundwave was even more! All better in December or the next live update. Again, sorry.” It seems its better to be contact someone directly who actually makes the game vs Rovio who has nothing with programming the game and just distributing it. Which might explain some of the silly responses we all get when we send a ticket to there customer support.


    So he means that spot in the bottom right corner will come in February?


    link group please


    @davidt18 did he say anything about fixing the energonicons?


    This all sounds like the usual Rovio/Exient BS attempt to keep players a little longer so they can try to get their money. E Soundwave was one of the first transformers they heavily nerfed and E Galvatron was nerfed much more recently, there is no connection. The coming soon spot is probably the new and exciting coin store, where you can purchase (with real money) or exchange your gems for highly valuable and useful coins. There is no new area coming, the clouds will not dissipate and the mountain will remain empty because there are no new players and they are loosing the ones they had.


    So the nerfing was ACCIDENTAL?

    Phew, they really do care.


    @swing You’ve got it exactly!


    @sam-spargo there was no mention of energonicons from what I could see.


    By new areas, does he mean that lone apparatus in the bottom-right, or the upper-half of Piggy Island where the Bamboo Forest, Crown Mountains, Moorlands, and Square Forest are located? Either way, at least the world map is getting an expansion


    Hooray! Even if all that happens is the flying pigs get fixed it’s an improvement! I want to be able to use E. Soundwave again, so I hope they do get him and Galvatron fixed as well!


    That is good news to hear that the flying pigs will be sorted out soon plus the other issues we’ve been report for over several weeks only to be told it was done for a better enjoyment of the game.
    Time will tell if things go back to normal.


    So where are our very own Exient members and why aren’t they making a similar announcement here? In the absence of evidence to the contrary and past experience I’ll assume it’s cowardice.


    Will they nerf the overpowered Giant Missiles fired off from Boss Pig, or are they supposed to kill high-level Transformers in 1-2 hits?

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