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  • MVNLA2

    @killerkea — This thread was started by Rovio to be a conversation between Rovio and nesters about cheaters and ghosts. The original comments were all very polite and appreciative. It was only when roviorefuah’s replies changed from variations of “I hear you, I’ll post something when I have something to say” (not at all supportive of our concerns) to total silence, that people started becoming understandably hostile. What about occasionally acknowledging that you understand our concerns? Showing that you understand our concerns requires more than saying I understand, you need to say what you think the problem is, and what you’re trying to do about it. I don’t think there has been anything from Rovio saying that they will change the ghost creation, or that they really know how it works.
    I think @rovionefuah should have turned notification on if he/she was really interested in what concerned us. Even without them turned on, rovionefuah should be showing that he/she is paying attention to the comments.
    BTW — People think that some of the ghosts are created early in the week, even if there are a lot of real people on the leaderboard. I do understand Rovio’s reason for creating ghosts, but the way it works is grossly unfair to most players.


    @mvnla2 Of course it would be nice to get some updates from Rovio. But you are just going to have to be a little more patient. Perhaps there just is nothing for Rovio to contribute at this stage.

    I still think there are issues with their fallback system and hope they change it. If they are looking at alternatives to the fallback system, this won’t happen overnight – or even within a couple of weeks. They will need something to replace it with. And they do need to be very careful with what information they post on this site. They may not want to reveal any specific information about changes they are proposing – in case players work out a way to exploit any new system they develop.

    But like @killerkea, I think they should be devoting their resources to sorting out this continuing problem with cheaters. I also think one thing they should be doing is threatening to ban cheaters from the arena. Many of us have been saying this for some time, but there really needs to be some sort of penalty imposed to dissuade people from cheating.


    I decided to put this here on the off chance that @rovionefuah might see it.



    I THINK… That rovionefua is not ROVIO (the makers of this game), but is spam… Just a guy leading us all on. Why do you think there has been so little response lately? The joke is tiresome to the dude and the rest of us read, gnash our collective teeth, and don’t realize that it’s not real. So, cheers, but I don’t take this thread seriously any more.

    Angry Johnny

    @trappernorth Rovio linked to this thread in one of their official tweets from their Angry Birds Epic twitter account so I think it is a real employee.


    @trappernorth — This thread started as a sticky thread, so it had the ABN admins blessing. Also @rovionefuah was made a Celebrity Judge, a badge that is given only to Rovio employees. So obviously @BirdLeader, who has contacts at Rovio, was told this was real. It would be nice to hear from Rovio why this contact has been discontinued. FYI the contact was effectively terminated long (by internet standards) before various people, including me, started making someone unfriendly comments.


    Posting cheaters found today

    Cheater (after 16+hours of new week/Monday)


    @BirdLeader– Any chance you could find out from Rovio why they started this thread and then abandoned it?


    @ricochet most of those are likely not cheaters. And this thread should be left to die. Rovio obviously has no interest in our input any more.

    Angry Johnny

    I don’t think it was abandoned because of lack of interest but rather lack of time. The people from Rovio that post on the Nest also have other obligations at their workplace that comes before social media interaction.

    With that said this thread has not exactly brought firward any new information that Rovio dind’t already know; yes people are still cheating and they are most likely all doing it in the same way by manipulating the values of the game.

    Last note, I think Rovio should be very careful with information about what steps they are taking to prevent cheating. Especially in an all open forum as this. The more information the cheaters have about those preventions the more likely they will find a way to get around them.


    Hey everyone, I’m sorry we haven’t had enough time to be more active here!

    Obviously we have not been able to weed out all the cheaters yet, but we’d like to assure you that we are working on it still!


    @roviokien — Please note that this thread was started to address 2 issues, the appearance of “ghost players” in the leagues and cheaters. Despite the fact that Rovio knowingly created the “ghost players,” they are not an acceptable solution and need to be eliminated.
    Glad to see you stop by. If you want this thread to have a positive public relations impact for Rovio, I would strongly suggest that someone from Rovio needs to write a comment at least once a week that shows that they are reading the comments.

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