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  • I wonder what’s behind friendship gates. I don’t have friends to open them for me.and I don’t know is it worth paying 25 golden coins just to open them and get some cheap extra resources in those treasure chests.

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  • Bad piggies

    @cosmo2503 Does the 25 gold coins open the gate? I thought it only gave you 3 friend helps.


    Yes it would be nice to have some information on this topic.

    1. Is the gate completely opened after spending 25 coins?
    2. What rare prizes have been observed so far?

    Bad piggies

    It seems like the gate in Bamboo Forest has one of those mini shops in it.


    I used 25 coins on the gate in Bamboo Forest yesterday, I believe it has a headgear update for one of the birds (unfortunately I do not remember which one since I already purchased it) The gate does completely open.


    I just sent open-gate request to one of my friend, who installed this game on my request. Is it enough to open the gate? My concren is: how many friends do we need to fully open this gate? Anyone know?


    you have to have 5 friends open the gate which is a lot considering the game is not out everywhere and not everybody owns an appel devices. i’m currently stuck at home with crutches since I broke my kneecap so I have pretty much nothing else to do then play angry birds epic. But don’t be mad if I don’t follow your news feed :P this is strickly a convenience agreement.


    Can I ask one friend to help for 5 days? Does that work?


    Not sure about the same friend over five days . That would be something to try.


    Well, just confirmed, one friend can only receive request on same gate one time. So 5 different friends are necessary to open a friendship gate.


    So you need more friends then :)

    Sir Falcon



    Summary of questions and answers:

    • Paying 25 Lucky Coins completely unlocks a gate.
    • Any particular friend can only help once per gate. Thus 5 different friends are needed to unlock a gate for free.

    DH Kim

    @AMSlimFordy — If so, does that mean a total of 5 active friends will be enough for unlocking the entire FS gates?


    @dh-kim 5 active friends could help you to open all gates if they saw your request for essence, so it’s better to have more then just 5.


    Exactly right.

    Oh, one more thing to add: If you only have say 2 active friends, it’s still worthwhile to ask them for help. The “Pay to Unlock” fee drops 5 Lucky Coins with each friend who helps!

    So, for example, if you get 2 friends to help you unlock a gate, you can pay 15 Lucky Coins to finish it off.

    DH Kim

    Thanks @cosmo2503 & @AMSlimFordy — Luckily I can make 5 friends to unlock those gate”s”.


    I need some people to help me open those gates. Anyone please?


    I dont know if its a bug or not, i seemed cant send request to my facebook friends…it only works once per gate…and i cant resend request to my newer Epic-playing friends…:(


    @angrymiko : Me too, I can send request only for the last Gate, other are blocked.


    Same here. I press the button and nothing happens. I have been able to help others though with opening theirs.


    It seems now that I can request again. I don’t know if it is because a few days have passed, or because of the new patch.


    @fangston it’s the new patch.

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