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  • Neomerlinmagic

    It is in the “EULA” that you should adhere to the policies of the third party services. Granted it’s more of a suggestion than rule. Here’s the excerpt.


    Rovio Services may include links to third party services and/or the third party services may be made available to you via Rovio Services. These services may include, but are not limited to gameplay recording and sharing, social medial connectivity and the like. These services are subject to respective third party terms and conditions. Please study these third party terms and conditions carefully as they constitute an agreement between you and the applicable third party service provider.”


    @harleym Your example sounds silly to me because you can’t cheat in the forums. Most people here probably do not think creating a fake Facebook account is cheating and don’t care even if they do think it is cheating. I would agree that this is minor compared to others things, but obtaining a Facebook account dishonestly to gain an advantage in the game is exactly what people are doing. That is not fair play and technically it is cheating. Rovio doesn’t care if you do this. I don’t care if people do it, but be honest you can’t say that you’ve never cheated if you have done this.


    @neomerlinmagic It isn’t even that. It is just saying “hey they might have more rules and you can’t sue us if you get in trouble for something we didn’t warn you about”. Otherwise they would deal with people claiming Rovio misled them into believing it was all subject only to Rovio’s ToS.

    My point was that it was silly. Using a fake Facebook account to play this game isn’t cheating in the game any more than stealing your neighbor’s wifi or staying up past your bedtime is cheating. It might be against the rules, but it isn’t against the rules of the game by any standard.


    @harleym I understand it as “Hey, not only do you have to follow our ToS, but also the third parties ToS.” Admittedly, I’m no lawyer. I don’t consider it cheating either. I think the point @killerkea was making was that nobody can say they don’t cheat the system a little bit to get an advantage.


    Ok, think we’re getting away from the point a little and starting to attack each other. It’s not what I engender but some very good points have been brought up.

    After reading everyone’s thoughts and reflecting on my own ideas. I don’t see using exploits as cheating, though I’ve never been lucky enough to use them.
    I understand both sides of the Facebook issue… but to me there is also an elements of personal security (which by law in most places, the greater good superceeds most other laws)…but I don’t really want to get into that, other than stating my own feeling of it not being a true cheat. It’s more of an everlasting exploit.

    Someone mentioned that Rovio has cheated us as well. This I agree with 100%. The fact that the games are more or less trial and error, to learn how things work since there is no manual or anything to explain some major points in the game is unfair to the players. Call me what you want but in the beginning I did spend a decent amount of real money for Lucky coins. For instance, as a rookie to the game. I used to spend the coins to continue tougher games. I sent money on coins to buy the the buy gold anvil and the diamond cauldron. As well as some of the later classes and the golden chillies. Most of these I would do again. The part that I find unfair and upsetting is spending money on the GPM to acquire set items, while not knowing that they were limited by our player level. While I know this will never happen, I feel cheated out of my money in that respect and that Rovio owes me for not letting us know such details… Then again for them it’s about making money. If we all were to stop spending real money they would just move on to a newer game to get people excited & spending. Every time they extend the max level, we have to go out and regain all of those items. Same thing goes for the arena. Before I had linked my Facebook account in to the game, I used to spend money on the mighty eagles mercenaries. As you can see they did get me for a good bit of cash. Which I could’ve held on too to spend after reaching the max level. So far the only gold coins I’ve spent in the dojo were all accidental. So yes I have been tempted to use a cheat to get some LC’s to try to get some set items. Also when I receive the same item 3 or 4 times in a row, that is even more upsetting. This far, I can’t bring myself to actually using a hack or av cheat but I do feel like the game owes me and that rovio owes me…

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