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  • I am not the wallet warrior who buy tons of gems but I did contribute to the Rovio’s bank account so I get an extra life. I am hardcore enough with AB2 with whatever free time I have among real life tasks and other games I have.

    I have to say the Arena has gone out of whack completely with the Hats system, more so than adding the Winning Streaks. Life is even more difficult since the last update as the opponents I face have gone to super tough. So tough that you will need to use gems and spells if you are to keep the winning streak.

    Here is what I think can fix the system:
    – Create more League levels beyond Diamond. Make it 20 levels from the current 8.
    – Implement the leaderboard re-shuffling again.
    – Forget the #9 spot, 10 black pearls is way too low to even worth the consolation price.
    – Everyone who miss the award (gems + black pearls) winning rank will be demoted. The bottom 3 are usually so bad that in terms of star count that you wonder why they even get to the higher league in the 1st place.
    – Top 3 can move up for most league levels. If we are to have 20 league levels, make 11 and up to have only the top 2 move up.
    – Spread out the gems + black pearls awards for each league levels. The current Diamond league #1 reward is about all you want to give out in 1 week. Unless Rovio wants to make more Hats.
    – For the mid to high league levels, have some higher consolation prize for the bottom feeders. Reasonably good amount of gems, spells, feather, etc.

    This way many of us long time players will figure out by Monday whether it is worth it to climb the ladder or just stay low to go back down.

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  • Angry Beaver

    @hubert-lo My personal opinion is that demotion is wrong at all. It’s just like a punishment for not playing or being weak player.

    Epic Buttstomp


    Demotion is not a bad idea really these days with those ticket spammers, gems hoarders, spells hoarders, etc. leading the pact by hundreds of points. Besides where do I go if I am in top 3 of the Diamond League? No where.

    I found couple weeks ago that going into 1 league down makes life a little bit easier. Going down lower maybe even better. All i do is just play the 1 game every 3 hrs and watch the video for the free ticket. I ended up with way more tickets at the end and a willing demotion to the league below.

    I imagine going down most way to the bottom will even be better for the casual playing.


    I don’t like the idea of having only the Top 2 being promoted. If you have 2 cheaters in your league and you end up being #3 you won’t be promoted. 4th place is ungrateful enough.

    Also, you just said the exact reason why demotion isn’t always good. With all the ticket hoarders and massive grinders around, you have no chance as an average player. You think you played well but end up in 10th place and get demoted despite trying hard.

    Just my two cents.


    I quit playing Angry Birds 2 back in March because of the Arena nightmare…best decision that I made.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Purpose in the arena these days: Black Pearls and gems.

    Gems as we all know have other ways without involving real $$ or arena. Friends help a lot in 1 day more than arena in 1 week.

    Black Pearl is the main thing really. Top 3 give you decent amount, lower than that is just bad. If you going to get #10 you might as well do something productive in real life for the week.

    Before the last update you can still grind it and have good chance to get into top 5. Now it becomes just nearly impossible unless you want to splurge on spells and gems. Then you can a small win that give you 5 stars. Big 9 or 10 star wins are very uncommon now.

    “Playing Well” to me is when you can stay within top 5 when you do 2 games every 3 hrs, couple games more if you want to get a push. And also you keep the winning streak alive. Otherwise World of Tanks and World of Warships are way more fun, they can have my money.

    The old re-shuffles mid-late tournament used to balance things out to make playing worthwhile. Not sure we will see them again.

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