First Flight Trophy – Oct 2013 Bad Piggies Contest

  • This is a pigture of the trophy from winning the October 2013 competition at , where fans can post their most incredible creations. They can be anything Bad Piggies related, ranging from impossible machinery, fanart, and anything related to Green Pigs. Prizes are offered monthly and the competition is open to all.

    For the first contest in October, my pigineering time of the month coincided with the release of the movie “Gravity” and I revived a number of space-themed creations for the occasion. I also developed a rough sketch of a “Fat Pig going for Lunch” into the history of Russian space exploration from the 1950s to the present day. There wasn’t a lot of usable existing original or Rovio-derived artwork for Piggy Island, a planet (with visible atmosphere) and a starfield, so I made my own and fitted them together with the most basic of lighting effects.

    Without further ado, here’s an image of the trophy.

    First Flight trophy from Bad Piggies Tumblr Competition

    And the little piece of fanart.

    Russian Space Exploration History

    There are more pigtures on our Facepork gallery, have a look and leave a comment!

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  • MVNLA2

    From what you said elsewhere, it sounds like some assembly of the trophy was required?

    Les Toreadors

    It’s all for the best, not to worry!

    I made some improvements to the contraption so it’s just more than a trophy now. It can be detached and reattached neatly to the stand and it’s quite sturdy enough to be a toy aircraft if I ever wanted to use it as such :)

    These trophies are one of a kind and handmade so they always have a few quirks for you to find and enjoy! A bit like owning a vintage car or motorcycle I guess.


    @les-toreadors, please help me! I’ve won the December Contest (piggy bus), but i got no notification email. What do i have to do to gain my t-shirt? Or is it already too late? They announced that i have won January 2, and now its already january 12?

    Alfiandi Hestiono

    @miezko Don’t worry, they will send you the T-shirt as soon as they can. They usually email you within 1 week. Try to ask Bad Piggies via Twitter or try email them [email protected]. Btw I won the Contest too! (November Contest) and the T-shirt haven’t here yet since they announced me on early December. I try to ask them via twitter and they said that they had delay on the T-shirts in December (maybe) due ABGo launch and Xmas vacation.

    Just be patient and postman pig will come to your house with your T-shirt. :)


    @alfiandi, sorry for asking you the second time, but from now on it seems pretty strange. I send them 3 mails, asked them at ( where they closed my thread without any comment), and they didn’t answer my e-mails, i think they ignore me because they sent the t-shirt to any other Cedric, maybe a hacker that said that he is me, do you have any ideas what i can do?

    Les Toreadors

    @miezko – Can you contact me via email? I will try and bring this up to the ‘relevant personnel’. No promises but I had helped @alfiandi ascertain the status of his contest T-shirt after it was delayed. It has now been delivered successfully.

    My email is [email protected]

    Please send the following info to me:

    1) Month of contest winning
    2) Do you have a link to the winning contraption/fanart as posted on Facebook by Rovio?
    3) Real name (for postage / Rovio communication purposes)

    I will try to send a chaser email on your behalf to check what’s up.

    Disclaimer: I do not represent Rovio, I just build pig stuff and crash things :)


    Thank you very much @les-toreadors, but after 3 weeks of long waiting, Rovio finally emailed me.

    Les Toreadors

    Great to know @miezko. They probably experience the usual New Year flood of support requests from a global fanbase. Wonder how the Official Birds / Pigs hold it all together :)

    Once Rovio does ship the item(s) to you, you should get a UPS tracking number and it’s painless from thereon.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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