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  • I looked for a post but did not see one. I have quit several times due to the already noted nonsense of cheating, rigged games, the inability of birds to get remotely close to a pig. Structures that won’t fall. Birds lacking power. And so forth. I have been playing ever since the first Angry Birds came out. I have been offended by adverts before but not enough to stop. However, I have been an advocate for animals my entire life. And seeing a hunting ad pop up on my screen where wolves are killed, among others, was the end for me. I have spent decades supporting wolf protection. I know most will sneer or laugh, and I don’t care. The introduction of wolves back into Yellowstone was miraculous in their effects. So, I am finally done. And really, I am grateful. The time it frees up can be put to better use.

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  • Bomb145

    The adversiments are random, they aren’t affliates with the advertizer. They also made many partnerships with Wildlife protection groups to protect animals in their games.

    Dearg mor

    Well that was unexpected


    The fake multiplayer PVP in Angry Birds 2 is something I personally find cheesy as well, its fun until the AI rigs the match in its favor and basically forces you to spend gems.


    Has anyone ever done an Environmental Impact study of Angry Birds? If they support Animal protection, does the running of Angry Birds work against a healthy environment in which animals (and humans) live? How much electricity, by both Rovio and those who play their games, is wasted on this game? And is that energy green?

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