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  • So far Photoblast is my top choice and it’s not really close. For those who don’t know, it’s basically a rapid stream of Energon Galvatron shots. Even with just one energon cube, it fires for a few seconds, and will generally destroy everything on the screen, including mortar towers (they only take two or three shots to destroy).

    Glassor is my second favorite. Rapid fire Sentinel Prime shots. Destroys everything on screen pretty easily, except mortar towers and flying or parachuting pigs.

    Stormblast is pretty solid too, and is only a two star energonicon, so doesn’t require as high grade materials to create. Similar to Photoblast, but not as strong. Mimics Grimlock’s weapon.

    Some of the other high rarity energonicons are pretty weak! I’ve found Lavatron, Piggyblast, and Rapidfire, in particular, to just be inferior options compared to the three I listed above. At least Lavatron and Piggyblast are entertaining though.

    Some of the “utility” energonicons are interesting, but I don’t see myself using them all that often. Shieldor, Goldslam, Healthpack and Ghostbot are the ones I’m thinking of here. Ghostbot in particular is disappointing: You can’t do anything while invisible, or it turns it off! You can’t even transform! What’s the point?

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  • GrimmJow

    Since this update, I take Shieldor.
    With it, I can finish all level in any difficulty.
    And when you make level again, again and again, you win coins, pigs and materials :).



    Is Shieldor better since the update? I don’t think I’ve used it once because the offensive options are strong enough that I still rarely lose, and get way more pigs/coins/materials than I used to. But there is a Heatwave node that’s been giving me problems lately (despite my Heatwave being level 10), so I think I might try Shieldor and/or some of the other defensive energonicons soon, in order to to finally beat it. I’ve been letting it stick around instead of Skywarping it, because I’ve been able to consistently get 4000ish coins before getting killed, but I’m starting to get sick of trying.


    What have you found Lavatron to be good for?


    I’ve only gotten a couple of Energonicons so far, but of the ones I have, I like Stonecutter the most. It’s like a barrage of shots from Energon Starscream.

    Not only is it good against stone blocks (hence the name), but it’s also great at taking down missiles, those pesky flying pigs, and even can take down mortar towers!


    I really like 3-shot because Bludgeons weapon just plain rules. Rapidfire is really good too because I have 3 stars on it so it has a decent blast range as well as fast fire. Photoblast it really great also.


    @partshade Agreed, 3-shot is pretty much my favorite.


    For me the best is Subspace. It fires Megatron’s shots!



    When you say Rapidfire is really good because you have 3 stars on it… I think the number of stars is pre-set for all the E-icons, and everyone has the same number of stars as everyone else for a given E-icon.

    That said, I recently tested Rapidfire, and now it’s tied with Photoblast as my favorite! I honestly can’t even really tell if there’s a different between them (other than that their shots look slightly different from each other).


    If you do any intercept mission (where you spend crystals to play the node before its done) try taking powerbot and make sure you use him when you shoot the egg bot. :)



    Good idea! Not necessary for some TFs (Heatwave, Sentinel Prime, the Galvatrons, Araichnid, maybe Arcee), but very useful idea for all the rest!


    @poptimus If that’s true then the stars don’t make much sense to me. It doesn’t seem to show that some Energonicons are better than others because I think Goldbrick (1 star) is way better than Goldslam (3 stars). I don’t know anymore :D.



    Great call! I’ve been waiting for my next dome bird level for a while to try to get that achievement (I keep getting pigs! Maddening!). But I definitely didn’t think of that. Much appreciated!


    I still think Photoblast is my favorite, but did notice one downside: you get no coins for anything aerial, like rockets and balloon piggies, that Photoblast takes out. I can’t recall if I saw coins for flying piggies.

    Lord Foortwenti

    Rapidfire is easily my favorite so far, load that piece up to max (3 cubes), activate it and transform into vehicle mode and Rapidfire can destroy everything as u speed along, including mortar-bots. I haven’t found anything even remotely close to being as powerful as Rapidfire, except Photoblast, but that isn’t even as powerful bc of RF’s (small) explosions.

    I also have learned the “rarity” rating on these things isn’t always a clear indicator of their strength/usefulness. As I was really disappointed w/ Piggyblast, and Goldslam (my first 4*, respectively). Piggyblast just doesn’t match Rapidfire in terms of raw damage, and Goldslam doesn’t match Goldbrick for netting more gold.


    I was so wrong when I started this thread! Goldbrick is the best.
    When the Energonicons were first introduced, the only thing slowing me down from upgrades was lack of coins. I was getting materials frequently enough to upgrade more often than my limited coin collecting would allow. Now that I started using Goldbrick on Very Easy and Easy nodes, I collect coins so quickly that I have the opposite problem!
    For the higher difficulty nodes I still use Photoblast (or occasionally Shieldor if I still can’t beat a particular node with Photoblast), to make sure I don’t get killed and miss out on materials, but Goldbrick typically roughly triples my coin intake on nodes where I use it.
    I’ve gotten over 100,000 several times on gold dome nodes, and get over 10,000 or 15,000 more often than not on Easy and Very Eazy non-gold-dome nodes.


    Goldbrick continues to be my favorite! I scored my 1st 100k in gems — level twelve HO Bumblebee GoldDome+GoldBrick in the citay…


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