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  • Some people don’t like Facebook. I’m one of those people. There are many reasons for that, but I won’t get into them (I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion of Facebook, nor do I have any problem with anyone who likes Facebook).

    However, I happen to like Angry Birds Epic and while I resisted for as long as I could, I just couldn’t get much further in the game without it. So I gave in. I created a Facebook account. But not a “real” one. I did what many of you suggested and created one with a fake name and no tie to my real life identity. Then I posted here on the forums in the “Friends Requests” thread. That was on Thanksgiving.

    Oh boy, what a revelation! I knew it would make things easier, but this is night and day…

    I’m sitting here 4 days later and I have close to 200 Friendship Essence (the 5-a-day only thing is bugged by the way – I get more). I answer requests for it too! Coming from playing solo where you never have any Friendship Essence, this is mind-boggling. Think about it: the only way to get Friendship Essence without Facebook is to destroy a set item or get lucky with the Floating Chest in the Chronicle Caves (and that’s a brand new addition!). Yes, you get a few for free here and there thanks to Rovio, but it’s a very small amount.

    The benefits of Friendship Essence? I can re-roll with no second thoughts. It helps when crafting gear so that you don’t waste materials. With the new events, it helps tremendously for the final reward. In the Caves, it’s a great way to avoid having to re-do a level and waste a precious 12-hour cool-down on a computer-generated borrowed bird (which are actually pigs incidentally…) just to get that crafting pattern you really want. It almost seems overpowered to me.

    That’s not all Facebook gets you. You get 35 Lucky Coins a week instead of 28. That’s 25% more! That’s significant. On top of that, you don’t have to spend those precious lucky coins to open Friendship Gates, since you can just ask friends to help you! That’s another advantage that seems a little overpowered to me.

    Of course, I left the best for last… Doing the Chronicle Caves with friends instead of the 3 default pigs is a completely different experience. Not only do you get to try a wider variety of bird combinations, but just completing the caves is so much easier. I did the first 10 caves without Facebook. I even 3-starred most of the levels. Cave 11 is a bit of a brick wall though (there’s another thread around here on this topic). I had two choices: wait until Rovio increases the max level again, level up and try the Caves again (the level of the enemies in the Caves doesn’t scale – their levels are static) OR go the Facebook route. I chose Facebook and I finished Caves 11, 12 and 13 during Thanksgiving week-end, 3-starring practically everything (12-10 sucks, so not everything…).

    That is ridiculous. It’s so overpowered compared to non-Facebook players that it’s hard to comprehend. It’s so overpowered that I suggest they add achievements for players who complete Caves using the computer-generated birds… err, pigs, I mean. Assuming the level of the player isn’t higher than that of the enemies in the caves, of course. Otherwise that’d be too easy…

    I don’t understand this. Why is Rovio twisting things so much in favor of Facebook? I get that it gives them exposure and free publicity. But that almost alienates anyone who tries to do it without it. Because let’s face it: anyone who tries to go far in this game will end up on this website and forum, figure out how much better it is with Facebook and either take the plunge or quit and never look back.

    Which has created something that I bet Rovio didn’t intend: people are making Facebook accounts just to play ABE. That doesn’t get Rovio any exposure and publicity because these accounts are, for the most part, friends with other “fake” accounts. So in my case, I’m not advertising the fact that I play ABE to anyone since 1) I don’t have a real Facebook account and 2) even if I did, I wouldn’t use it for this. On top of that, it allows me to basically friend anyone who asks without even looking twice? What do I care, after all? The more the merrier since it’s going to get me more Friendship Essence and more birds to borrow in future.

    TL;DR version:
    I think the Facebook connection in ABE is overpowered. Curious to hear what you all think.

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  • KerrAvon

    @eric2203 Thanks for posting this eric.
    It all seems very ridiculous doesn’t it. The amount of benefits associated with facebook is just too much. But I really only want the LC’s. Not sure that I am overly concerned with friendship essence.

    I am happy to plod along slowly going through the caves with the pig allies. I am glad I am not at the end – what would I do. I am not obsessed with gaining mastery – I collect it and do runs through the SRC like everyone else. But I also spend time collecting ice chilli’s, cherry’s and other ingredients for potions.

    The only thing I miss are using my other birds in battles. I don’t think I have ever used black bird in a cave level. And some bird classes just don’t get a go in the caves. I think this is a limitation of the caves, not of the facebook issue. Luckily we have had the events to bring back 3-bird (and 4-bird) battles.

    I did get stuck on cave 7 (the one with Lawrence), because they just changed the mastery system and my Princess was not at a high enough level to do enough healing. I was waiting for her upgrade to come around in the dojo when they changed the system. I just had to work on leveling her up for a bit. But I am in Cave 11 and still plodding away.

    As to your comments on the creation of fake facebook accounts – I think you are absolutely correct. They probably wouldn’t have expected this to be so widespread. But we are diehard fans of EPIC using facebook to our advantage. It’s hard to say what the uptake would be among regular facebook users. Rovio may be happy with the response among them. Who can tell?


    I’m also in the minority in that I don’t want to use Facebook. Something that never seems to be mentioned is that you are violating Facebook’s terms of use when you create a fake account. I know lots of people do it all the time and the worse punishment Facebook can probably give is to delete your Facebook account.

    The game would be way too easy for me if I created a Facebook account. You also get your Golden pig machine filled up a lot quicker since your friends fill up the rainbow each time they use it. In addition to all the essence and extra LC you get, for 3 months Facebook users got to exploit a bug where they could spin on a friend’s pig machine and get a guaranteed set item every day so many people got 50+ set items for free. Facebook users also get more free spins and might get to watch the video for a free roll more often too. I think Rovio should incorporate Game Center since I believe you are supposed to be at least 13 to use Facebook and not all countries allow Facebook.

    Since I’m playing the game without any of the Facebook benefits it is like I’m playing in hardcore mode, but I’ll have a sense of achieving what few could when I beat it.


    I don’t know if it’s a random audit, but when I made a fake account it immediately nerfed me like a day later. It presented the terms, saying what was against the rules, then asked me to identify 3 out of 5 randomly chosen friends. When I obviously could not do that it locked me out. If I try to log in to that account it goes through the same steps. So a fake account did not work out for me. Has this happened to anyone else?


    @eric2203 – I’ also one of the people who don’t like facebook (or any social network) for reasons I won’t state here. I too resisted for a long time till I got stuck in chronicle caves. Game seems 20 times easier now that I get hundreds of friendship essences a day + golden pig rainbow raise. It is unfair that this game is so tied to facebook and instead it should be tied to rovio accounts in the future.


    @epicjon — I have heard of one other person whose fake account was closed by Facebook.

    — I agree that Facebook users get too big an advantage, but like you, I gave up when I got stuck in the caves. Rovio obviously has some kind of marketing deal with Facebook. I’m sure one of Facebook’s metrics they use to show how successful they are is the number of accounts and the rate of increase.

    — Friendship essence is pretty precious and useful, especially if you don’t have a lot. During events you can re-roll the awards wheel to get the maximum reward and can also craft stamina drinks. For non-events, I use it to get 3* on items I craft, as well as to get the 200 snoutling reward from Dungeons. Right now I have >400, so I don’t really need to worry about using them.

    Zack Voyager

    @all As I said in a previous post, we can find the 3 pig allies totally useless. But I’ve a bit changed my point of view… These are some tips and advices for non-Facebook users.

    -Pigiana Jones. Positive : useful with pirates and groups, most HP of the 3 pigs, dispell, same XP lvl than your birds, counter. Negative : sucking chili ability

    -Piggy Mc cool. Positive : farming snoutlings, healing ability, super useful if you’re not full of potions Negative : poor attack, poor HP, your XP lvl -2.

    -Prince Porky. Positive : Useful for ghost and ninjas, your XP lvl +1. Negative : *$€%£+-@# OBSCENELY LOW HP !, low attack.

    Wizard (Twin L set) + Spies (BEEP set) + Pigiana : the most cheated combo ever. While I was stuck on these hard cave 1 lvls, this combo 3-starred all my cave 2 lvls (I’m now in 2-7) W/out any difficulty.

    Captain (Golden set) + Princess (Honey set) + Piggy mc cool : I never tried this combo but I’ve created it in this way : high damage & high snoutlings ! (say me if it doesn’t works)


    I’m an adult, and if I was playing the game just for myself I wouldn’t have an issue with Facebook. My gripe with it that it puts younger players at a big disadvantage. My kids are 7 and 8. They aren’t allowed to have facebook accounts yet, and not for several more years at least. They’ve bought (via my money) hundreds of dollars of Angry Birds paraphanalia — telepods, pajamas, hats, bedspreads, lunchboxes, plushies, even some gift cards for IAPs so they could get golden chili (my first IAP ever). They’ve played every AB game. Yet Rovio goes out of their way to ignore them by making the game so facebook-heavy.

    My biggest irritation is the timer on the pig allies. 12 hours is excessive. It’s basically limiting to advancing the game once per day once you get to the caves, since pigiana is the only pig ally to have enough HP to survive them. Facebook already allows many advantages — essence, pig spins, allies, more lucky coins, friendship gates, etc. There’s no need to put such an excessive timer on… kids having fun.

    The freemium model, unfortunately, isn’t going anywhere. Facebook has helped spread the game and people using real money to buy stuff. I get it. But essentially flipping the bird (as it were) to your core audience has soured me to Rovio. My kids are playing AB Transformers now but I’ve told them we’re not buying any telepods for the holidays and no more IAPs. They have so many things on their list and my opinion is that money is better spent elsewhere.


    @ColKurtz — Well said. In fact, it is so well said that I sent a link to Peter Vesterbacka, the Mighty Eagle of Rovio. I hope you don’t mind.


    @mvnla2 Friendship essence is probably more useful to you because you make use of it as part of your game style. I have mentioned elsewhere that the only use I could find for it was re-spinning the final reward wheel for the events. That’s what I am saving mine for now. If you have lots, then you will have your own strategies for using it.

    In the third event (undead?), I was competing for first position with someone. I was unable to get max medals for battles, and it would have been nice to re-spin the wheel. I tried a couple of times but always went from second worst result to worst result. So in the end I thought it best not to waste the little friendship essence I had and just accept medal results. I ended up coming second because I wasn’t going to play through the night or get up early and the event finished first thing in the morning. Getting first place doesn’t matter that much – it’s just a few snoutlings and a little bit of pride. It’s only a game. And in reality, the essence would not have made a difference.

    I have also used the essence once for a dungeon to increase the snoutling prize – but only because it cost me a few potions to complete the dungeon and I wasn’t going to accept the lowest payout.

    In the end, I am only looking to progress through the caves. I don’t think the friendship essence really helps that goal. I am progressing, and although helping to bump up mastery levels is useful (my birds are all 6-7), I don’t know that it is absolutely necessary.


    It is hard to say how facebook would approach the issue of creation of fake facebook accounts for this game. Given there are many hundreds of millions of accounts, a few hundred EPIC users may not bother them. After all these are not being used for deception for “bad” reasons.

    However, they may consider any mis-use to be an issue, have a look through accounts associated with EPIC users (or adapt their existing software to identify this type of mis-use) and query some accounts.

    Either way, it really looks like intertwining EPIC with facebook as the game creators have done has had some really negative consequences, as @colkurtz has outlined, particularly among young players. I have my own issues with facebook, but turning away a large part of your audience must be a big concern for them. In the end, I think an in-house system created by rovio would be much more useful for the players and they should have considered other approaches for marketing.


    @zackvoyager I use Pigiana Jones the most of all of the pig allies. His dispel is very useful. But his counter is also very valuable – it makes up for his poor attack when there are lots of enemies attacking you. Just keep setting it on the 2 birds.

    The attack values for Pigiana and Piggy McCool are set at levels useful for ninja battles (less than dodge value and more than ironclad value for the shogun).

    Cave 3 is full of ghosts. Prince porky is the best ally you could have through these caves – I would say better than any third bird you might consider taking. I think all levels have a large ghost character plus a combination of small and medium level ghosts. You just need to knock down the levels of the small and medium level ghosts slightly, give Prince Porky the chilli and let him to destroy them. It makes dealing with the large ghost characters much simpler.

    Oh, and I have always preferred Tricksters over Spies. It is just so useful to have his extra direct damage, his cheer and his dispel abilities.


    All, thanks for the replies.

    The reason I mention Friendship Essence as a huge advantage is that the lower your level, the bigger the advantage of having unlimited Friendship Essence. Allow me to explain: when you’re low-level and don’t have much in the way of materials, it’s a godsend to be able to re-roll when crafting. I remember having to craft the same item multiple times (and therefore farming materials repeatedly) to get the 3-star version. With Friendship Essence, farm the mats once and just re-roll until you get 3-stars. I think it’s a huge advantage earlier in the game. Perhaps not as much at high level, although the Events have now generated a Friendship-Essence-sink, which the game actually needed (it certainly doesn’t need money-sinks or time-sinks).

    Facebook definitely makes the game easier. Good luck on completing it without it. It will definitely be an achievement. By the way, the bug about rolling on a Friend’s GPM also worked without Facebook and with the computer-generated friends. Not every day though, of course. Good point about friends helping to raise the rainbow bar. Another Facebook advantage. One that I forgot to mention.

    Sounds like we have similar experiences. I’m not convinced about a deal between Rovio and Facebook. Facebook certainly doesn’t need Rovio and… well, I’m not sure Rovio does either. Angry Birds is everywhere, from plush toys at Walmart to the big-screen movie in the works… I don’t know, it just seems like a cheap way to advertise the game by piggy-backing on Facebook’s size. Which doesn’t work with fake accounts of course… Then again, Rovio did announce layoffs in October, so what do I know?

    Yes, the pigs have interesting abilities. A few are unique, even. But their shortcomings are such that borrowing real birds (not pigs!) from friends is overwhelmingly the better choice. It takes a level specifically designed for the pigs to make them a requirement (Ghosts, Cave 12-10… etc). Otherwise, they’re not even a choice. Which says a lot…

    I had not even thought of younger children without Facebook accounts. Very good point! As far as the 12h cool-down, I agree, it’s excessive. Considering how much weaker the pigs are than friend’s birds, that’s another huge advantage that Facebook users have: pile on the friends and who cares about the time-limit? That’s why I keep going back to Rovio not intending people to create fake accounts to pile on ABE-playing friends. Otherwise, why have the cool-down at all to begin with?

    In fact, I’m going to make a suggestion right now. Aside from lowering the 12h cool-down to something more reasonable, take out 30m. For example, make it 11h30m instead of 12h. Or 7h30m instead of 8h. Why? Because people tend to have a routine and play at the same times every day. With a 12h cooldown, daily players lose a little bit of time every day (the beginning of the 12h cool-down slips a little every day, because it actually takes time to play through a level) until it gets to the point where you 12h. I’ve seen other games do this before.

    About Facebook and fake accounts: while it breaks their ToS, I don’t in all honesty worry about it. It’s a drop in a massive bucket for them. I’m still getting them more traffic by having a fake account than not having one at all. I don’t want to sound as if I don’t care about rules and breaking their ToS, but this is minor, I think. I probably also tend to think that way because I don’t generally like the Facebook model. In particular, I don’t like having my real name out there. My name isn’t common so it opens the door to identity thieves. It’s so easy to gather personal info on social networks, it’s ridiculous. Anyway, that’s a totally different conversation…


    @eric2203 I’m also not a fan of social networking sites. I agree it makes it things a lot easier for people to steal your identity or learn stuff about you that you might want to keep private because there are many social networking aggregating sites that compile all sorts of info about people.

    I had my car stolen right in front of my home once and since I watch a lot of movies and TV I immediately thought it must have been a teenage gang member that stole my car. A week or two later I got a late night call from the police in a county that was an hour drive away and was told I needed to come pick up my car right away if I didn’t want to pay an impound fee, but they needed some time to search it for needles, drugs and other stuff first because they found drugs, stolen property and a lot of tools thieves use. I found an insurance form in my car that the police had missed that had the thief’s name on it. With just knowing the thief’s full name and the county she lived in I was able to find out all sorts of things about her. I had her date of birth and her adult son’s date of birth, her level of education, their phone numbers, their e-mail addresses, and their home address. I knew they lived in a nice neighborhood and made much less than the average for that neighborhood. They had a dog. I could have gotten her arrest record, but I didn’t want to pay for that. All this took me less than 2 minutes to discover and didn’t cost me anything. I was just curious about what kind of person would steal my car was very surprised to learn it was a 49 year old Italian lady.


    I’ve resisted connecting to Facebook with Epic as long as I can. I know realize that I’m going to have to. I am making minimal progress with Cave 11.

    So I went ahead and connected, and became facebook friends with a few other players I found on an Epic Facebook fan page.

    The problem is I can’t actually connect with them in the game. I’ve successfully signed into facebook with Epic.

    Can anyone provide some help?


    @Splashdance82 — You might have better luck if you use the Friends Request Forum. Your Facebook friends need to have the same version of Epic as you are playing. If you don’t have the latest version, best to update. People on this site are more likely to be active players with the latest version than on the Epic Facebook page. Good Luck.

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