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  • Hi all,

    I joined the game recently and just wondering if Red and Fire rooster drops are still around? Do I need to wait for an event?


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  • burbman

    I do not think that anyone here knows the answer to your question for sure.  I suspect that they are available as premium egg hatches, but the likelihood of getting ANY five star bird is extremely low, much less one specific five star bird.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Unless you feel lucky and want to use the credit card to help, wait until an event featuring the bird and your odds are slightly better.  Hang on to the premium tickets until event starts. Chuck event is coming in 1 day or so. Joining an active clan helps as the clan generates more premium tickets on the clan events.


    Personally I am more interested in the original 5, maybe Steven Seagull. I have Red and Captain Freedom now.


    thanks a lot! :)

    Markus Brezel

    The odds of getting a 4 or 5 star Bird are terrible.

    I managed somehow to get 1x 4 star Bird out of a cheap egg.

    I also managed to get 2x Captain Freedom and 1x Claude.

    Please don´t ask how many Premium Eggs I had to use in order to grab these.

    Just a hint: 1xx

    Epic Buttstomp

    I didn’t spend 1xx premium. Luck out early with Claude and Billy the Blitz. Got Red when it got to 5x, didn’t buy any I think. Bought some packages for Capt Freedom and it took me to 10x before he showed. The 5th bird I have is a black from the Rockers set.

    If Chuck comes along I probably will fuse Billy the Blitz on him after 1st evolution. The original 5 is the ultimate goal and i can wait for the events to come out. I have 12 premium tickets and 1 10x ready, won’t use the 10x unless I have to.


    Anyone had experience in getting the bird after the event ended? for example if you don’t get Chuck during this event, what happens? is this your only chance, or do you still have a small chance to get it from premium tickets in the hatchery?


    I’ve been saving up some premium tickets for the next event. I’ve got about 20 single premium tickets and two 10x tickets. What is the best way to utilize these when the event starts? Should I use the singles to raise my chance multiplier and then use the 10x?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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