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  • Is there a way to play epic on computer and if yes, can it be linked to the phone account? Thanks

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  • AMslimfordy

    Rovio has not announced any plans to release Angry Birds Epic for desktop platforms. Sorry.




    ABE keeps crashin on BlueStack…


    I wish the newer Rovio games were available on PC, even if you had to pay for them. I really enjoy playing on a larger screen.


    Angry Birds Epic runs fine on Andy, Android Emulator on Windows 7 or 8. Andy is free.

    ABE seems to work OK on Genymotion Android emulator (personal edition) on a Mac but it’s more effort to get it working. Genymotion personal edition is also free.

    If you Google around heavily you’ll find the resources you need. Installing and running these emulators is not simple.


    Some Angry Birds game are available for the PC like the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars, but if all you want is to play on a larger screen I know that Apple devices can easily be connected to your TV. There are cables you can buy that plug into the older iPad 2/3, iPhone 4/4S/3GS, iPod and iTouch that have composite RCA jacks on the other end which enable you to connect a TV. For the newer Apple devices that use the lightning connector there are other cables which would probably work with HDMI or something better than the RCA jacks. If your TV has wireless or bluetooth capability, then there is probably a way to connect via that method. I’m guessing other tablets also have the ability to connect. I’m not sure about other phones though. Some iOS games like Real Racing were designed with the idea of using your TV.

    You can also connect your Apple device to your TV via Apple TV.


    Someone really should write a tutorial for all these Android emulators. :)


    I play on BlueStacks, but it is horrible to play, it is very laggy and Cave 9 is incompatible with the program, so sometimes making the game close and I can use the pig only ally in 12 hours again, and I agree that game would be released for PC, along with angry birds go, stella and transformers


    @kelani There are many tutorials for those emulators, but they are not easy to get running, especially if you’re not patient and detailed. E.g. I had to reinstall Andy components about 5 times and it required many reboots on Windows.

    I have Andy with HAXM – hardware accelerated execution manager – on the PC and it runs very speedily seems a bit faster than my iPad. On the MacBook Pro I have Genymotion with ARM emulation and that is definitely slower, although I don’t NEED the ARM emulation, it may make it possible to run more things since the MacBook Pro and my Lenovo windows machine are x86 architecture while most Android devices are ARM processor based.

    Zack Voyager

    horrible on bstacks, I can’t link my Rovio acc, but I’ll dwld andy


    Well, it looks like Rovio is disabling emulators by putting up a “Ransom” – which when paid does NOT get you in. Seems they went brute force and after just two manual battles it throws up this on Andy, Android Emulator.

    They may be using my IP address, the peculiar “device name” that Andy sets, or some other strategy to do the blocking. Will investigate when I have time (which I haven’t had lately!)

    The “Locked for 00:00:00” screen shows up on all locations.


    @toothgnasher I’ve had that same thing happen to me a couple times on my iPhone – it looks like the code that locks out dungeons on their “off”-days somehow gets stuck and cuts in on every stage. I fixed it by just restarting ABE.


    I’ve got a question on using an emulator, and a mouse action program.
    How are you dealing with the ads that randomly come up between playing one level and starting the next?
    I’m not able to auto play the castles, being only at 17, having no sets, and stuck at wizpig’s castle, I’d like to speed up getting some snoutlings to use at the dojo.


    @dr_ishmael Good to know. I’ve never seen it on my iPad or iPhone, only on the Andy emulator so I leapt to the conclusion. But now that you mention it, I do remember being surprised when I went back to visit a dungeon and it allowed me to play a second time. I paid the ransom on DPC but replayed the Ghost Ship thinking perhaps I had just forgotten which of my two accounts I had already played there.


    Interesting… not sure if this is related, but this morning after getting 9 snoutling based upgrades in the Dojo, I got the “Locked” message, force quit the game and then got 14 more mastery upgrades. That’s a bug I guess I can live with!

    I also noticed that I kept getting the “someone has used your bird” message in the message center which came back as soon as I cleared it.


    @kevin-sexton-16 Not sure what scenario you are describing. I don’t get those forced ads. But I think I know why you get them. I think if you make a purchase the ads go. I have no “forced” ads on either of the two games I play and I made purchases for each ($8 if I recall).

    I just checked using a third game that is only level 4 and in which I have not made any purchases. It gets forced ads. How to automate around forced ads and how to get rid of forced ads both seem like topics for separate discussions.

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