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  • As I approach 100% completion I’ve been left wondering what might keep me going. To that end I thought I would ask the community: what keeps you going? What goals do you have? I prefer measurable accomplishments, but I’m open to anything. I will try to compile the goals people come up with in the OP for those who might face the same existential crisis.

    Free measurable goals:

    • Reach level 45
    • Obtain all 966 stars
    • Reach mastery rank 10 with all classes
    • Purchase all recipes
    • Reach diamond in the arena
    • Obtain the highest score of your friends in all Chronicle Cave levels

    LC measurable goals:

    • Obtain all classes
    • Obtain all set items
    • Obtain all banner set items
    • Obtain golden chili
    • Obtain crystal cauldron and anvil

    Personal goals:

    • Complete all cave levels without using Facebook friends
    • Place first in the diamond league for arena
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  • t_russell

    My goal is to play the game, have fun, and not got out of shape about all the bugs and other assorted things that are messed up.

    Mostly because I’ve done all the other stuff except the cauldron and anvil; and the caves are still a work in progress, I’ve three starred them all, but haven’t done all with two birds yet and forget about the scores.

    Doc Mayank

    I’m 45/10 all birds and completed everything. Only thing I still need is a lvl 45 phoenix feather.
    After that I’ll just save up, might get crystal cauldron and anvil, no idea if it will be needed.
    Apart from that I’m trying to get over 1000 potions/cakes, on 990 now. Guess I’ll go for 2000 of each once I’m done with these.

    Don’t care much about the arena, got to Diamond last season and just started playing this season since I got bored. I’m looking forward to a new part of the map and a new character. But mostly I’m hoping they add something to the arena that makes it worth it.


    One other achievement would be to collect all the weapon/off-hand blueprints in Chronicle Cave… :P


    @freckledpig147 You can’t collect all blueprints. There is a limit of 2 or 3 weapons and 2 or 3 offhand blueprints for each bird.


    What keeps me going, is that last star prize. I’m dying to know what it is! But seriously, I’ve just been taking my time slowly to get everything completed. So I still have plenty of time left.


    @killerkea You can only get the highest rank of each type of weapon (dispel, crit, chain attack, heal) available for that bird. After you get a blueprint all blueprints for lower ranks of that type of weapon disappear.

    Zack Voyager

    The 966 stars stuff is totally unjustified from Rovio. Like with Archmage and Co., a quite big percentage of the players will be forever unable reach the max possible number of stars, which is UNACCEPTABLE ! To answer the main post, currently I haven’t any precise goal. I am at XP lv 21, mastery levels 2-5, but since I’ve finished the main story, I haven’t got any motivation. I have 10 FB friends at level 41, so I could go through caves up to the 8th or the 9th without much difficulties, but it is not fun at all. So I wait, wait, wait a providential 2.0 update with new story, characters, etc. but I know it’ll never happen. So all I do is collecting a few LCs for the GPM and the various exploits…


    @zackvoyager I’m not sure I understand what you mean. What makes you think that

    a quite big percentage of the players will be forever unable reach the max possible number of stars

    ? All the levels are there, you can play all of them and get 3 stars without paying real money, and if you want to, even without Facebook friends. This is completely different to Archmage, Ronin and Moon Priestess, that were only available in certain regions and/or for certain devices, for a limited period of time.


    @zackvoyager You’ve been playing this game for at least 6 months now and you’re only level 21?!? It only took me a couple weeks to get there and I don’t have Facebook friends. Since you have so many maxed out friends the caves should be very easy for you to 3 star. I’m at 966 stars and I think I did all the caves except the last 2 with rank 1 pig allies. Now that they’ve increased the rank of pig allies up to 9 things should be a lot easier.

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