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  • New hat adventure.

    Thankfully everyone should have this hat set, it is an existing one and only in the “rare” category.


    Rewards are all feathers except for beating round 1, just a chest.  10,000 feathers for finishing the challenge.

    Took me about an hour to beat it.  I got lucky with a couple of Mighty Eagles on rounds 5 and 7, but spells seemed to be very generous overall and none of the rounds are overly difficult.

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  • SB311

    I’m happy for an easy event for the upcoming holiday, but it would’ve been even better if we could have had it during double feather frenzy. :(


    Was easy-peasy, sailed through it. Makes a change.


    Remember to change your hats because these are level 13 during the event. I played my clan vs clan battle never realizing it, but luckily, my clan won. :)


    Maybe it dawned on somebody at Rovio that they need to toss in some easy events once in a while for less experienced players. If I had encountered the current level of difficulty back when I started I’d have given up quickly, or stuck to playing the map.


    Rovio trying to drag in new payers players: “Look how fun and easy our game is!”

    After the event the mirage evaporates and we’re back in Mordor again…



    I’m new here and got some questions.

    Was I able to buy the easter hats before the event?

    What is the next “rare” hat set event so I can purchase them before (if possible) or is it better if I just go through the tower?

    Is there a calendar of hat events?

    Thanks in advance



    Yes, you were able to get them before the event.

    Only Rovio knows? Nowadays the event hats are often available only from ToF after the event starts. After event ends they end up available for buying with BP.

    Not as far as I know.



    @the1up, you didn’t mention the Hat Shop so I won’t assume you’re familiar with it. There you can scroll down the list of hats that are available for sale, what they cost, and what they’re worth in terms of power. It will also indicate whether you already own a particular hat.

    Some “events” feature hats that can only be acquired through the tower. Typically you will need a lot of gems to get many of them that way. After the event is over, you can buy any remaining hats from the hat shop.

    If you’re new to collecting hats, avoid my rookie mistake of buying them randomly or because I just liked them. Start with the cheapest hats and don’t move on to the next hat type until you’ve completed the set and gotten the slingshot upgrade. The reason: a set of cheap hats deliver the same slingshot upgrade power as the more expensive ones, even though the individual hats themselves may be worth less.

    Also once you have a set of, say, “common” hats, it doesn’t help you to buy just 1 or 2 from another common series, since you’ve already got the max fire power you can get from that level of hat. Wait until you have enough pearls to buy the whole set. The reason: you’ll pick up a lot of cheapo hats during normal game play and it doesn’t make sense to waste pearls.

    Pardon me if you know this already, but you did say you were new….


    @the1up, there are no calendar for the hat events, but there are at least one or two per month, each lasts for about 10 days. Some events feature brand new hats, while some are the recurring old ones. This Easter event belongs to the latter.

    The event hats before 2019 are “Rare” hats with x3 power (purple card), which could be obtained only in the tower during the event. Once the event is over, they are available at the hat shop for 500BP each. You can get these hats in the rare chests, too.

    Since 2019, Rovio has made a change. The new event hats become the “Exotic” hats with x6 power (red card). These could be obtained only in the tower during the event. After the event, the hats cost 10000BP each at the hat shop. My suggestion is to get as many as these during the event. It requires tons of BP to complete these sets afterwards. Like @doulgas said, go for the low power ones first to get cheap slingshot upgrades before you buy the luxury ones.



    12th Kitty

    I already had the hat event and was able to do the hat battle, but didn’t change them til a few days ago.

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