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  • Specifically, does one of your birds constantly receive more feathers than the rest of your flock? In my version, Chuck is seemingly spoilt with feathers. I’ve tried Premium Chest a few times to level up my birds and, no lie, most feather rations were yellow. Is this based on how successful a bird is at clearing levels? I’m starting to doubt this is random.

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  • angrynerds2

    Well, Chuck was the first to reach level 5, the others are still behind.
    Terence got the lowest amount of feathers and reached level 4 long after the others.


    In my case, the Blues always got the most feathers. But all my birds are maxed out.


    Silver is way ahead of the rest of my flock.


    For me chuck has the most feathers and matilda has the lowest. Rovio doesn’t want me to have a golden flock.


    Bomb is the first to level up for me usually, then Terrence, which is fine because between the two of them they can take out almost every structure.

    Matilda is always the last to level up even though she’s my “go-to” bird when I can’t clear a screen. She can target hidden micropigs with the egg bomb, skillshot for gifts, fly off on a trajectory the other birds can’t reach and if you use the spitting flowers with the egg bomb you can get a 2-hit combo.


    Yes! I feel like I haven’t seen upgrade feathers for Silver in forever. All my other birds are at level 5; Chuck’s even at 704/1400. But Silver? Poor Silver is at 760/960, level 4.

    Does anyone know if specific days are tied to birds? Maybe I’m just not playing on a particular day of the week and that’s contributing? I feel like I play pretty regularly, and not sure why all my other birds seem to have about the same feathers.


    @mancala-parakin for me it’s The Blues, but I don’t think that the game is “favoring” one Bird over another, it’s just that they are being picked RANDOMLY for feather rewards, and The Blues (or whoever has the most feathers) are randomly selected the most, allowing them to level up the quickest

    (I just wish it would be Bomb or Terence that would level up quicker, since they are capable of clearing rooms instantly- but then again, The Blues can “squeeze” behind the bumpers in Pigsyland/crawl into nooks and crannies of indestructible platforms, “team up” against Magic, Construction, and Magician Pig, and become a “gatling gun” with the flowers in Cobalt Plateus, in which they “cycle” into entering the flower, hitting the structure/wall, and flying back in- all 3 at the SAME TIME that repeats until the building is destroyed!)


    for me its red – since all were levelled up to 5, he is getting double feathers of the others. Seems like it’s going to take ages to get all up to level 6, unless I buy gems and I aint doing that…


    Silver was my first bird to reach levels 2 and 3, and Silver gets the most feathers of all my birds… The Blues are last in my flock right now.

    Mancala Parakin

    I still doubt it’s an “act of nature,” so to speak. Chuck is still getting spoilt with feathers. It would be nice if the birds earnt feathers in a certain order, say in the order you unlock the birds as you progress, with feather quantities kept random. That way, you’ll at least know who’s next in line.


    @mancala-parakin the Birds did use to earn feathers in the Arena in a set order (1 Bird for 1 day = 7 Birds for 7 days/1 week), but as of the Christmas update, Rovio has disbanded that matter and now the only way to get feathers is through randomized chests across the game and daily quests- which Rovio probably prefers more because people would rack up on feathers in the Arena and have high level birds (like level 4 Birds for Feathery Hills) and the game would be progressed to easily, so here we are today with randomized (possibly favored Birds over another) feather rewards that may or may not give us the feathers we want…(they could still increase the rewards if you ask me- 10-25 won’t really cut it!)


    In my game, my birds still get feathers in the Arena, but it skips Matilda! It will sequentially go through each bird, giving them my star rank + 10, but it skips Matilda. She was stuck at level 4 while all my other birds are level 5. I finally got Matilda upgraded in the WWF challenge. It’s really annoying. I should submit a ticket, but Rovio will probably just tell me it’s random.

    Mancala Parakin

    @andalaybay If you submit a ticket, tell Rovio to make birds receive feathers in the order unlocked (starting with Red) so you’ll know who’s next in line, with feather quantities kept random. Just a suggestion. That way, we can avoid a “nature’s game” (the current state of AB2) where there’s no order, yet someone’s blindly getting better (or worse) treatment.

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