Do you like the random levels in Angry Birds Under Pigstruction?

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  • I am on the fence. I can understand it, but I feel like it detracts from the replayability of the game. I mean, there really is no sense competing against other players as their score could be obtained from a level or stage that is quite different from yours.

    On tough levels it does, at times, make it easier to pass a level. Well, I guess that goes both ways, as it can also make it harder.

    For those who have played it, I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  • burbman

    The game is always fresh this way, but then again, I feel no desire to go back and replay levels once I have achieved three stars. In the arena, I think this really can create some score discrepancies as an unfortunately placed umbrella pig, or an unlucky card draw can really put the player at a disadvantage.


    This can make leaderboard controlling and balancing harder (especially here)…because one level may only provide 105,000 points while another could go up to 110,000 in the same level.


    It is true that it is strange to begin again levels established differently every time.
    But I wonder if 3 proposed birds (who change too) are not supplied according to the structures to make a success exactly in 1 of only one birds every stage.

    Or then it is totally random and the game is planned so that we sometimes fell on levels impossible to be made in 3 stars according to the structures and the proposed birds.


    I don’t know where to ask this, but is this game available in the U.S. for IOS devices. I haven’t found it.

    Mighty Red

    @mvnla2 Currently the game is available in Canada, but if you can set up a Canadian iTunes account (don’t know all the procedures, as I’m an Android user), you can download it from any country.


    @MVNLA2 Here is how you set up a foreign account for itunes. I have a few different nationalities these days ;-)


    I think in the long run, everybody will.eventually have had access to almost all variations of a level. True that if we all only had one try, that would rely heavily on the particular set up, but if we each take 1000 tries at a level, I would think its more or less equal opportunity


    Totally random seems opposite of planned :-)


    Nice game, but on the long run i think the most players got for the three stars if the levels changed from time to time. And personally i like more payed once a few dollars/euro’s . Now is it waiting every time for new lives.. I dont like that . By every game who worked so i lost my interest mostly in a few days. But Angry Birds 1 is my alltime fav game.?


    no I don’t like the lives in angry brds 2…the multistages I don’t mind as it stops cheaters from using walkthrough guides as im guessing this is why u cant put up any walkthrough vids except bosses…….but half hour a life…cmon and the daily missions are the same

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