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  • I’m just had 3 Boulder Pigs in a row disappear when I switched back to the Island to change the equipment on some Birds to fight Boulder Pig. Within 11 minutes I lost all 3. I knwo this has been happening occasionally in previous events, but this is too much.

    Is anyone else having the problem to this extent?


    Make that 4, the next Pig, a Super Boulder Pig also disappeared.

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  • TomT

    @justpast40 Ya, I just lost a golden boulder pig. I was out of ship energy, so I thought I would go back to island and fight other players, but as soon as I left the event screen, the pig was gone.

    I’m expecting to see the “LOSE” in my log soon……. sucks eh?


    I did as well. I reported the bug. Email them at [email protected]


    Last night I had 5 in a row disappear & 1 Super Pig I’d won not award any points. This morning all of the disappearing Pigs arreared in Log as a loss out of order:

    Boulder Pig #13
    Boulder Pig #16
    Boulder Pig #17
    Boulder Pig #14
    Boulder Pig #12

    Do you think the Super Pig points were awarded? Of course not!

    Fortunately I’m not trying for the Ship in this Event on either of my devices. I only want the Gems, Bomb weapon for my iPhone & Bow for my iPad.

    Netto JM

    Guys, don’t change equipment, just fight right away, this is a long date problem, it’s correct to contact Rovio, yes, but for now it’s better to be safe.


    Just do island fight in your ship battle equipment. Thats what I do. Yes my other equipment is better but at least I dont loose a golden pig because I want to change equipment


    Here is another example with details of what just happened to me.

    12:52PM EST
    1. After a PVP fight, I get a popup that a super monster pig has appeared and it asks if I want to fight.
    2. I click yes to fight and then click the fight button
    – Details: Level 32 Super Monster Pig [Yellow] with 16400 Heart Appears
    3. After Fight 4739 Heart Remains
    I DO NOT ask for help, only click the check mark.
    4. I click the back button so I can fight in PVP fight which waiting for more ship energy to finish off the pig..
    5. As soon as I click the back arrow, the ‘1’ is no longer displaying on the ‘Events’ button.
    6. I immediately click the events button and the monster pig event
    7. The pig is gone !!

    Immediately after losing the fight and clicking the back button – the pig disappeared!!!
    I can’t finish fighting the pig – it’s just gone.

    I am typing this at 12:58 PM
    ONLY SIX minutes transpired between getting notification of the pig, fighting the pig [he wasn’t dead] clicking the back button, going back into events, seeing the pig gone AND THEN WRITING THIS ENTIRE description for you!! SIX MINUTES!! The pig is GONE!!

    I DID NOT log out, I didn’t do anything except click the back button. I didn’t even engage in a PVP fight, I noticed the ‘1’ wasn’t lit on the events button and immediately went back to find the pig gone.

    I DID NOT ask for help from friends or everyone, I only clicked the checkmark at that point.

    There is currently no record of that pig in my log, but in the past I have been seeing them eventually show up as ‘losses’ even though I can’t finish fighting them.

    I am seeing the same behavior when I ask friends for help fighting the pigs. Some of my friends see the help request, some do not and eventually [without the an hour having passed when the pig would normally expire] I can’t even see my own pig anymore. They’re just gone.

    *** I am wasting ship energy and gems by ‘losing’ fights if I don’t beat the pig on the first try, because I can’t fight it myself [or with friends]

    *** I am falling behind in the rankings while other people ARE successfully killing pigs

    !!!! This is worse than when randomly it wouldn’t count the pig fights !!!!
    I want my money or gems/energy back. It is literally a waste of money !!


    I just had an interesting one:

    Fought a boulder pig with a small amount of life, shared it. Then, immediately fought on the island. After the fight, golden pig! What? I exit and go to the event, no pigs whatsoever. I close the app and reopen it. Still nothing.

    A little while later, I fight on the island, get a boulder pig and defeat him. Then, go to the event and there’s my golden pig with 35 minutes left and no tokens to spend! Oh, and my previous boulder pig is in my log as defeated with one person to share GG tokens.


    I just lost 3 monsters… :-(


    I can’t pass them to friends either:

    requests help from friends Dezi & UnderBird

    a. doesn’t see help request and no monster pigs when going to the event
    b. logged out and back in, still did not see Domino’s pig
    c. continued playing (hoping they would appear – they didn’t) and Domino got her own monster pig
    d. didn’t kill it
    e. requested help from friends UnderBird & Domino


    a. doesn’t see either help request from Dezi or Domino
    b. logged out and back in and still doesn’t see help requests


    a. DOES see the help request from Dezi
    b. also sees the monster pig she requested help for
    c. fights Dezi’s pig, loses so it is still alive

    Underbird can’t see Dezi or Domino’s monster pigs? ‘
    [Domino saw it, why didn’t Underbird – it still isn’t dead]
    And Why doesn’t Dezi see Domino’s monster pig?

    Dezi [a few minutes later]

    a. no longer sees her own monster pig which wasn’t killed off by Domino
    b. no longer sees Domino’s monster pig

    Neither was killed off, one user didn’t see the help requests or any pigs and the pigs just disappeared.

    All of this transpired in about 20-30 minutes [much less time than the 1 hour before they lose]
    When requesting help from friends – the pigs just ‘dissapear’ even the original person whose pig it was can’t see it anymore

    Later [after they’ve ‘expired’ despite not being able to see them] they show up as losses in the log.

    All 3 of us wasted energy fighting pigs and they’re just gone or can’t be seen to help each other which means we’ll end up losing. This is not right. Please investigate the issue[s] and credit us our spent ship lives.

    Rovio should not be charging money [even sale prices] for a defective game.

    More pigs are lost than are even counting.

    I opened a 2 tickets with Rovio, one for the pigs disappearing when the back button is clicked [to change the pigs outfits before fighting the monster pigs] and one for the issue with friends not seeing some of the pigs. That was early this morning and I’ve heard nothing about either ticket.


    I just have 5 in a row disappear. Whether you fight now or not. Share with friends or the general field. They always disappear. Looks like Rovio is on the hook again.


    Mine have been fine until 3-4 hours ago – right now it’s 17/01/0530 UK time.

    I had one of each boulder pop up for battle, and when I went to fight, there was nothing there to fight.

    I’ve also had same problem with partially fought battles disappearing – 6 or 7 in a row, both super and regular. I always ask for help after the initial volley, then go back to normal fight screen, to return later to follow up. They have all disappeared. I was not changing either my pig or my equipment. My position is going down, down, down!


    WTF? I effing lost six effing pigs in a row. What the eff is going on? I have been playing for more than an hour, and I have not yet effing killed any effing pig yet. What the eff is effing going on?!?!?!



    The problem is still here! :-)
    I just requested help for a 35 level gold pig and disappeared…


    C’mon Rovio these stupid pigs keep disapearing and we can’t earn points anymore! I lost a lot of monsters (9-10) due to this bug. Fix it!


    Started to happen to me too today :[
    Gotta write to rovio.


    It’s now happening on a 100% consistent basis.
    Fight a pig [don’t kill it off]
    Send to friends, send to everyone or click the check mark [it doesn’t matter]
    Click the back button [to see what other pigs are available, play pvp mode, go to lab etc]
    Pig is Gone
    One hour later – journal entry shows you didn’t kill pig.

    I am even having journal entries show up for lost fights with pigs I NEVER saw in the first place.

    I lost dozens of ship energy and gems trying to compete for ranking and they’re just completely wasted. If the game was 100% free and didn’t work that’s one thing. But for 3 days now I’ve opened requests that go unanswered after having spent a significant amount of money that gets lost because I can’t continue fighting the pigs or send them to friends and Rovio hasn’t even bothered to respond.

    I want my money back!!


    They did send me a response. They said they are aware but need to dig deeper to discover root cause. I think it must be a coding nightmare to figure out and solve this bug. In the mean time…save your gems. :) try and hope for the best.


    They didn’t respond to several tickets [about related issues] that myself or my friends opened. I already spent money and wasted gems. I also still keep losing ship energy [ie wasting my time with the stupid game].

    There’s more reports of complaints as comments to posts on their facebook page:

    And in some of the facebook groups for the games:

    Anyone having the issue that hasn’t opened a formal problem report with Rovio about it should go here and open one, especially if you’ve lost money:


    @dezi-wright, I opened a Ticket with Rovio the same day I posted here & they did say they were looking into it. I replied with a follow up because 1 part of their reply said they showed I’d actually gotten points for 2 of the 6 I reported I’d lost (in a row,) whereas they all appeared as losses in my log the next morning. I’ve not gotten another response & that was Thursday morning. I expect they are recieving more Tickets & emails than they have employees to respond.

    Since you wrote you’ve already spent money for Gems, if in the end you don’t get the Gems back from Rovio, perhaps you can:

    1. Request a refund from the “Store” from whom you purchased the Gems. I play on 2 iOS devices, so for me it would be iTunes.

    2. If you used a Credit vs Gift Card, see if you can dispute the charge. In the 30 or so years I’ve had a Visa or MC I’ve never had to dispute something like this, but it would be worth a shot if neither Rovio nor the “Store” makes it right.

    With 2 Events in a row with these very serious issues impacting paying consumers, I believe iTunes & Google will eventually tire of consumer complaints & hope that at this point Rovio is taking very seriously their responsibility involving paying consumers. Unless their management are all oblivious idiots they must realize players are losing confidence in their product & down the road I would hope they stand a chance of having their Apps pulled from the Stores. Apps are pulled all the time so I have to believe it’s a possibility.

    I don’t know whether either of the above suggestions would even work but I hope Rovio will “make things right” for you & others who’ve spent money & that nothing further would be necessary.


    Thanks for the tips.

    I may also file a complaint with the ftc [ftc.gov – Federal Trade Commission] and BBB. If they are aware they have an issue, they shouldn’t be taking money from people. Especially when they charge more than most pay-per-play games.



    Another problem is that, IF Rovio manages to fix the problem, the players will have to start fighting higher level pigs. So, not only do we not get the points from earlier pigs, but we’ll have to fight more difficult pigs.

    My whole weekend is an effing waste of time. My effing ranking has not gone up, and I lost count of how many effing pigs have effing disappeared on me.


    Well … I never pay money to any game that is just a bit unstable, and Fight’s got everything: corrupted graphics in time, unstable (most probably 3rd party) adware, game crashing, servers not always online, unstable connection … I’m a system tester myself and I can say I’d never take this cr*p seriously.
    Fortunately AB Fight isn’t too freemium and you get the gems for free regularly, so there is no point in spending real money anyway.


    Cool, they just updated the game with exclusive ship-parts slot.

    But guess what, the effing pigs still effing disappear!!!

    Rovio didn’t fix no $it!


    Was going to say I was exempt from the issue (I had the odd pig disappear from prior events) but suddenly every pig is vanishing on me!!!! Rovio this really isn’t on. Just too many bugs of late and money wasted. Ticket submitted


    The pigs are still disappearing.

    Now it’s a game for the players with high level birds and super ship items, because you can’t ask for help. As soon as you leave the battle screen, pig gone. So for those people who can kill pigs in 3 battles max, they are going to rank up. For those people like me, who need to ask for help to fight golden pigs, well, sucks to be me.

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