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  • I don’t want to sound too negative, but…do you find this game fun, entertaining and funny? Like the old games? I personally don’t! And I’m afraid Rovio’s moving into nonsense!

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  • Beedegee

    Not anymore.

    The start isn’t to good. It’s more transformers than the original birds. Just blow up al lot of things with weapons. Now I’m a the point I don’t advance unless I pay a lot or wait for a long time.
    Have to pay ridiculous amounts of coins to upgrade or explore new land.

    To bad.


    love it


    I like it but agree with waiting an absurd amount of time and using massive amounts of coins to see new things or upgrade. Pandering to make people buy the in game stuff is lame.


    I like it sooo much


    The game just had an update lately, and most of the prices for discovering new lands have been greatly reduced, but theres a little raise for the prices of upgrading your transformers. If you ask me its still worth downloading the game, because sometimes you get to “Watch a video and get Double Rewards!”, which also doubles the amount of pigs you got.


    I like it. First time, i was worried because even AB Epic was crashing though being a 2D, meanwhile when went on a first try on AB Transformers, game unbelieveably didn’t crashed yet! (The game wasn’t even lagging so far, i got the get the Bumblebee)


    its the best among all available transformers games till now… rest of the Xformer game sucks… they lack good graphics, sounds and animation.. plus its a side scrolling game where the depth of target also matters. such things are lacking in others.


    Too early for me to tell. Seems the focus is more on getting coins instead of strategy. Not too happy about that. But having fun as well. Don’t care for the waiting periods…


    I started playing it a couple of days ago and, until now, it’s keeping me entertained. I’ve already unlocked a bunch of characters, I’m about half way through upgrading them and the levels are getting harder as expected.
    In the beginning it may seem like just a shoot-em-up but as the game progresses it requires a bit of strategic thinking, be it because of disciplining your upgrades or which targets you choose during the actual game play (when to throw in your side kick, shoot the pigs or the stuff under them, go for the pigs or the energon, etc).

    But yes, it’s a very different style of play – some will like more the basic AB style, others will prefer different games like Go!, Epic or Transformers. There’s a little bit for everybody and a very strong chance that many people won’t like all the different game styles. Nothing wrong with that.


    Good point Paulo. Invested in telepods so I guess I do like it. Normal woman’s reply. Lol…


    I liked it at first even through the waiting to get enough coin together for upgrades but now, on level 76 it’s just more of the same. I thought it would get better as time goes on like the other angry bird games or would demand more skill. It is kinda boring.


    nope, while AB epic is one of the best, this is one of the worst AB series
    too much “watch a movie” too :(

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Did you like this game at all?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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