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  • I have several players in my team that feel by reducing their flock power just before a clan match, we’ll have a better chance of getting a low FL opponent.  Well this theory has actually worked since we keep getting our bottoms whopped even though we have a pretty strong team.  So was just wondering how are clans matched?  anybody know or have a theory?

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  • bill

    I think it is by total flock power. Can’t prove it but I also think rovio has a twisted sense when it comes to matching opponents, whether clan or individual.

    I know my clan has been terribly out matched numerous times and it pisses me off when that happens.

    Wait until you come up against a clan that has 1 or 2 of the big money power players, and the rest like us casual players to where their flock power is still within rovios ‘acceptable’ range for matching. That is a sickening experience!


    Our little not-out-for-blood-but-just-play-for-fun-with-new-and-old-players-since-we-are-an-open-clan clan use to win a majority of the battles but we were also evenly matched up with the other clan in FP, those days of fair play apparently are gone. The past 5 or 6 battles we have lost to other clans that all had at least 2000 on us in their FP. I don’t think it’s asking too much to pair clans up fairly and they are equally matched is it? Apparently asking Rovio for anything is asking too much, their only focus seems to be the mighty dollar or why months ago would they eliminate the 120? That really irked me, now to buy extra birds it’s 60 then 180 skipping the 120, really? It was worth it Rovio to have some of your devoted playing since day one quit the game for good? It makes you look bad, makes you look greedy. Talk about unfair, there’s a lot of things that at least I think are are unfair in this game, simple things like why aren’t we all playing the same game? or the always outmatched arena. Sure it  starts of ok in the lower levels but but it never fails, every time you get to the 6 and 7 level forget it, they alway have a FP at least 100 points higher than you and have all 5 spell cards to boot. When ever I got to level 7, without spell cards I would only be a million points behind, like they wanted me to regret not playing with them and spend gems to win, I wouldn’t so I just had to start over, no winning streak for me. I was very thankful when they stopped making it part of the daily challenge so I never go in it anymore. Apparently just asking Rovio that we all play the same game with the same rules and the same perks is asking too much too. I have friends that play, they have always had the option in the TOF to watch video to continue, now I have only been playing 1 1/2 years but I have never had that option even once offered to me.  The fairly newer “gift” Rovio began offering a few months again by letting us continue to pick cards from the chest free if we just watch a video didn’t last long, at least for me. They began charging gems if you wanted to continue and that’s what me friends still get me however I get my card and it’s over, no free video option, no pay gems to continue either. Recently when my bird powers up a level I don’t always get the cards like I use to. Someone asked that question here months ago and apparently Rovio explained not everyone does, my question is why? Why can’t everyone play the same game I don’t get it? I apologize, I guess I got carried away ranting, there is much more I can rant about to butI’ll stop, if I was really smart I;d stop playing this game once and f9r all, just walk away nd be done. Everyday I get closer to doing just that. It started off fun now it’s only frustrating.


    I hear you !  i only got the watch-video-to continue in TOF maybe 3 times??  then it  stopped for good.  same with the arena.  easy enough until the last few levels then heavily overmatched.  choose 15 gems for a new opponent?  choose to just lose?  chose to pay up the wahzoo to win?  i get it.  we were also winning all our battles then suddenly nothing. so heavily outmatched it was beyond all reason.  that’s why teammates came up with idea of stripping their birds of all hats in hope of falsely lowering our collective FP.  didnt make a difference.  still getting killed my other clans.  sucks…..


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