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  • I’m not going to make an example so here it is!

    Please include the name, enemies, boss, class and things and numbers needed to collect the class.

    Let’s hope Rovio will put your event in the game!

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  • RedYoshi45

    I thought of an event – hopefully the work wasn’t all wasted!

    Greening the Wastelands
    After all the fighting, the birds and pigs forgot to recultivate the island! Now all that is left is a barren ground. But wait – doesn’t Matilda have the Endless Watering Can? Oh no! The Voodoo Doctor has stolen it! Claim it back to save the island!

    Enemies: Mostly Shaman-, and Zombie-types, with a few Minion (especially Desert) and Pigmy pigs mixed in between

    Scenery: Wastelands (as the name of the event suggests) – could be something like a Desert area; it could possibly extend a bit into a cave area like the Chronicle Caves

    Mini-boss in Level 10: Witch Doctor
    Just a normal Witch Doctor.

    Afterwards, Matilda gets a can – but it’s not an endless watering can! The real one is still hidden!

    Boss in Level 20: Voodoo Doctor
    The same as the one in Tuesday’s Dungeon, but even stronger!

    Class: Gardener (Matilda)
    Splash: Deals 80% damage and makes the target wet for 3 turns. Enemies covered in water will suffer 50% more damage from any attacks.
    Green Thumb: Plants a flower near the selected target. The flower heals for 15% of the bird’s maximum health each turn. Duration: 3 turns.

    Grass Seeds: 10 pcs.
    Tools: 10 pcs.
    Flower Pots: 15 pcs.
    Fertilizer: 15 pcs.
    Soil: 20 pcs.

    (BTW, a suggestion for @birdleader and other @admins – there are quite a lot of “Create your own xyz” topics now, maybe one could merge them all into a single topic, or put them in a “Be creative” sub-forum?)

    Kaos 5

    Returning To Easter

    Storyline: This event should come on another easter as we had a 2016 easter event. The birds were sitting outside and protecting their eggs. Prince Porky and the female pig are really sad because they don’t have an egg to do an egg cracking contest with each other. They’ve looked everywhere. But then Prince Porky sees the birds eggs and steals them for the egg cracking contest! Now the birds have to get to them before they start the contest!

    Enemies: All the enemies from the Golden Easter Egg Hunt.

    First Boss at level 10: Mega Flower Pig. Like the Flower Pig but way stronger (because it’s a boss).

    Second Boss at level 20: Eggster Prince Porky, with the female pig.

    Eggster Prince Porky

    Vicious Backstab: Deals 3 times 70 damage, 40% chance to perform a chain attack.

    Tit For Tat: Increases dealt and taken damage by 25% (lasts 3 turns).

    Dodge: Passive. Can’t take damage more than 90.

    Female Pig

    Sweet Strike: Deals 200 damage, 50% damage dealt by the target is reflected back to it (lasts 3 turns).

    Sweet Love: If any ally gets attacked, all allies heal by 15% of the dealt damage (lasts 3 turns).

    Class: Easter Knight (Red)
    Egg Strike: Deals 120% damage, removes a random enemies helpful effect.
    Easter Shield: Target is protected for 3 turns. If it gets attacked, the attacker will have a 40% chance to miss for 3 turns.
    Happy Easter!: Passive. The Easter Knight will have a 5% chance to kill the attacked target instead of dealing 120% damage to it.


    10 Bunny Ears

    10 Paint Brushes

    15 Egg Baskets

    15 Carrots

    20 Easter Baskets

    Kaos 5

    Cut The Rope: Magic

    Storyline: Cut The Rope Magic has came to Angry Birds Epic! Yay! Everything goes well until the magician spider steals the candy and the eggs!

    Enemies: Apprentice, Will-O-Whisp, Stapsi, Witch Doctor, Necromancer, Red Ninja, Black Ninja, Shogun, Stapfi, Pyropig, Lightning Pig.

    New Enemies: Magician Pig, Sparkle Bomb, Abra-Ca-Bacon.

    New Enemies Abilities: Magician Pig
    Magic Trick: Deals 100 damage. 20% chance to stun target for 1 turn.
    Abra Ca Dabra: Creates a mirror image of the target which attacks a second time dealing 50% damage (lasts 2 turns).
    Sparkle Bomb
    Abra Explosive: Charge 2 turns: Deals 120 damage to all enemies. Targets also take 50 damage per turn for the next 3 turns and the bomb self-destructs.
    Abra-Ca-Bacon (He appears as a boss at level 6)
    Magic Strike: Deals 200 damage. Lowers targets attack power by 50% for 3 turns.
    Tricked You!: Decreases all allies taken damage by 30% for 3 turns.

    First Boss at level 10: Wizpig (1st encounter).

    Second Boss at level 20: Magician Spider.

    Magician Spider

    Magnetic: Deals 210 damage to all enemies, Targets suffer 90 damage per attack (lasts 3 turns).

    Magic: Target immediately attacks random enemy dealing 200% damage.

    The Best Magnet: Passive. 20% of enemies healing is stolen to the Magician Spider.

    Class: Magic Hat for Chuck. (Note: The Magician Spider has that hat so all you have to do to earn the class is beat level 20).

    Magic Hat

    Magnetic Spark: Deals 130 damage, posioning effects put on target are 30% stronger (lasts 3 turns).

    Super Magic: Potions used on target are 50% stronger for 2 turns.

    Skilled Magician: Passive. If any charge ability is used, Chuck will immediately attack a random enemy.

    Om Nom

    (Same abilities as the Magic Hat class for Chuck).

    Kaos 5

    I have one! I might as well create the idea while I can!

    Winter Olympics

    Storyline: The Winter Olympics have begun! But, the Primeval Frost Hog sees his chance(since it’s the Winter Olympics) to take over! He steels the pig trainer’s scoreboard and terrorises the Winter Olympics! Oh the horror! Defeat the Primeval Frost Hog to save the Winter Olympics.

    Enemies: Pig Spectators, German Spectators, Pig Trainer, Avid Fan, Snow Pig, Tiny Snow Pig, Chieftain, Ice Shaman, Frost Hog, Bavarian Piglette, Security Pig, Sound Pig, Frost Pig, Ice Knight, Ice Pigmies, Referee.

    Scenery: Epic Sports Tournament but with snow and ice in it.

    New Enemies: 3 new spectator pigmies(American Spectators, Canadian Spectators, Norwegian Spectators, and Netherlander Spectators)

    New Enemies Abilities:

    American Spectators

    Patriotism: Deals 2 x 70 AD, 35% chance to remove all buffs from target.

    Take A Break: Heals all allies by 100% HP for 3 turns.

    Canadian Spectators

    Cold Strike: Deals 120% AD, target takes +30% damage for 4 turns.

    Frost Shield: All pigs are protected by an ice shield for 5 turns, attackers of any pig have a 30% chance of getting frozen/stunned for 1 turn.

    Norwegian Spectators

    Domesticating Blow: Deals 3 x 40 AD, target deals 170% AD to all birds after 2 turns.

    Skiing Talent: Enemies attacking any pig receive 80% AD per attack (Lasts 3 turns).

    Netherlander Spectator

    Slippery Track: Charge 2 turns: Deals 3 x 55% AD, pigs attacking this target will heal(by 20% of their max health) (Lasts 3 turns).

    Ruling The Games: All pigs increase their attack power by 30% but also suffer 15% more damage (Lasts 3 turns).


    First boss at level 10:

    Pig Trainer(Stronger than a normal Pig Trainer but not as strong as the final boss from the Epic Sports tournament).

    Second boss at level 20:

    Primeval Frost Hog

    Class Upgrade: Ski Master Paladin

    15% more attack power than normal paladin.

    Full Gear:(Passive) Receives 20% less damage.


    10 Goggles

    10 American Flags

    15 Canadian Leaves

    15 Ice Shards

    20 Scoreboards


    New Zealand Birds

    The birds take a trip to New Zealand, but it all goes wrong when King Pig and 2 new pigs decimate native trees! It’s up to the birds to stop this!

    Enemies: Bird Catcher, Stick Pig, Rogue, Rogue Captain, Hunter (new), Hiker (new), Farmer, Nature Pig, Pigmies, Boar (new), Mag-pig (new), Popsi (new), Logger (new), Logger Boss (King Pig), Mono (new).

    Scenery: Similar to Square Forest but with more diverse trees and shrubs, and flying birds.

    New enemies:


    Load and Shoot: Charge: 2 turns. Deals X (heavy) damage.


    Chasing Game: Charge: 2 turns. Deals X damage.

    Furred Friends: Forces all other boars to attack the target bird. Lasts 3 turns.

    Wilding (Passive): Attack power increases as the Rage Chili fills.


    Chop Chop: Deals X damage.

    Habitat Removal: All birds take 20% more damage for 2 turns.


    Swoop: Deals X damage.

    Whistling Song: All pigs increase their attack power by 10%. Lasts 2 turns.


    Headbutt: Deals X damage.

    Protective Gear: Target takes 30% less damage. Lasts 2 turns.

    Popsi (Level 10 Boss):

    Ice Ice Baby: Deals X damage, has a 30% to freeze target for 2 turns.

    Frozen Shield: Target pig will be immune to stuns and take 20% less damage. Lasts 3 turns.

    Logger Boss (Level 20 Boss)

    Logging Operation: Charge: 2 Turns. All enemies take X damage and take 25% more damage for 3 turns.

    Call for Backup: Charge: 2 Turns. Summons Loggers.

    Mono (Final Boss):

    Slice: Deals X damage.

    Triple Gold: Deals 3X damage. Lowers target attack power by 25% for 2 turns.

    Passive: Perfect Block: Damage below X is halved, damage above X is ignored.

    You can only choose 2 birds for this event! Luckily, you can pick one of these 5 birds instead:

    Kakariki (Species: Kea. Yes that’s my username) (Class: Scientist)

    Potion Spill: Deals 100% AD, target takes 10% more damage and deals 10% less damage for 3 turns.

    Power Up: Target bird deals 50% more damage. Lasts 2 turns.

    Rage Ability: Dive and Steal: Deals 50% AD to all enemies, all enemies deal 50% less damage for 3 turns.

    Rangatira (Species: Great Spotted Kiwi) (Class: Doctor)

    Clean Sweep: Deals 100% AD, birds attacking this target get cleansed of negative effects.

    First Aid: Target bird takes 30% less damage and is healed 10% of their maximum health every turn. Lasts 2 turns.

    Rage Ability: Serious Dedication: All birds take 75% less damage for the next turn and are healed 10% of their maximum health.

    Mahere (Species: Takahe)

    Scratch and Peck: Deals 100% AD. Target takes 20% more damage for 3 turns.

    Plain Sight: Target bird has a 25% chance to dodge attacks. Lasts 3 turns.

    Rage Ability: Dizzy Explosion: All enemies take 100% AD damage, they have a 15% chance to miss attacks for 3 turns.

    Tiaki (Species: Kakapo)

    Tacky Damage: Deals 100% AD, target also takes 20% AD for 3 turns.

    Sound Boom: All status effects of target bird and Tiaki are shared. Lasts 3 turns.

    Rage Ability: Revenge: The bird with the lowest health deals 5 attacks to the enemy with the most health.

    Nohopuku (Species: Weka)

    Thief!: Deals 100% AD damage, all helpful status effects from the target are applied to Nohopuku.

    Tease: Forces all enemies to attack target bird and risk a 50% chance of being stunned for 1 turn. Lasts 2 turns.

    Rage Ability: Time Warp: All birds redo their last 2 turns.


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