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  • Why are some players offered Sunstreaker for different prices.

    Shouldn’t all consumers be offered the same prices? Why aren’t we?

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  • Drover’s Dog

    @vannie I have a funny feeling that if you have not yet made a significant purchase that the offer is for a low cost pack with not as many extras. As you spend more they must assume that you have unlimited funds and offer expensive packs only.

    @vannie  The different prices regarding the bundles (specifically the character bundles) is because each bundle contains a different quantity of each of the items that are included in the bundles. I agree with you that the way that Rovio/Exient offers those bundles is not fair to players because I hear that some of my fellow players are receiving bundle offers that are cheaper than the bundle offers that I get. What Rovio/Exient should be doing is offering us players all of the bundles at the same time so that we can decide which bundle we want buy (if any at all).


    I think the cost is directly related to how many gems you have banked- The more gems saved, the higher the cost. For instance- I have 11134 gems and I’m offered the bundle for 1000 gems. Anyone else want to add their experience?


    @andrewinireland I’ve got over 30K gems and got the 1K bundle. I’m not sure if it has to do with real money purchases as @droversdog noted since I haven’t spent a penny on this game. I wonder if it’s just the IOS players getting the 5K bundle since they seem to get the higher cost real money bundles.

    @andrewinireland  The cost of the bundles is not based on the number gems you have, otherwise you would have received a higher gem costing bundle. I’ve heard that some players have received Sunstreaker  Bundle offers that only cost 500 gems. The Sunstreaker Bundle offer that I received costs 2000 gems. I currently only have 400 gems. I think that the reason why I received that particular bundle offer is because when Elita One was being offered in a bundle, I received two offers: one for 2000 gems, and one for 1000 gems. I went with the 2000 gem costing Elita One offer at the time because I had the gems for getting it. Also, although Rovio/Exient will say otherwise because they don’t want to admit it to the players that they are being unfair to the players in how they offer the bundles to those players, the cost of the bundles is not, I repeat, NOT, dependent on what device you are playing the game on. There are too many inconsistencies (and, from what I’ve heard, too many different bundle prices between players) for that to be the case. I had originally started playing Angry Birds Transformers on an older model iPad; last year, I had switched to an Android tablet; and, a few months ago, I switched the game to my new iPad. Although I have seen variations on bundle prices between each of my devices, I have also seen multiple different bundle prices when I’ve played the game on each individual device (the two different Elita One offers that I had received, for example).


    I only have 100 gems and i got 2000 and 5000 gem bundle…

    I now have received both the 1000 gem bundle and the 2000 gem bundle.


    There is a solution to this problem: NO ONE buys any bundles, then WE are the winners and just play the game:)

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