Compensation for MAJOR Arena outage

  • It has been 17+ hrs since the end of weekly tournament. 2 hrs delay of score posting has been the norms for months, fine with that. But what is this now? No info on even social media!!

    Here is what I think the compensation should be:

    1. 100 of each type of spells.
    2. 2000 gems.
    3. 500 black pearls

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  • Poli65


    Mancala Parakin


    James Kilpatrick

    I get connection errors to log onto Arena for like 2 days now. And collect my winnings and play Arena. What gives

    Flight Wingman

    I get this pop up box saying that I get 100 free gems because of the recent arena outage. Once I click on the box, I don’t receive any gems. This happen to anyone else?

    Mighty Screamer-ingame

    Yep, got the apology, but no gems :)


    Same here. Sent support ticket to Rovio. Suggest everyone do the same. Maybe they’ll send us the gems, maybe not. I also asked that they fix the bug that subtracts my spells whenever I get a spell as a bird back. Even if I don’t use it. This is an issue that they said was fixed. Not in my case, however.

    Fox Knoxx

    I think that we all got 100 gems in the moment of logging in the game.The apology came later.


    Nope. I keep a pretty close watch on my gem count. Didn’t get them.

    Flight Wingman

    After logging out and logging back in twice I got the 100gems. Wish they would’ve given us some spells too.


    Yes, same here, apology but could not collect the gems, a bit annoying. Have tried log out and in, no luck!!!


    Had 3 messages so far…no gems yet though. Tried logging out and back in several times.


    Are you kidding me. 100 gems what a rort. I won my tournament and didn’t get the 300 gems and the pearls I was owed. 100 gems big whoop!!!!! Not to mention that I also have not got the apology OR the 100 <free> gems


    Edit: meant to post in a different thread, my bad.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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