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  • AMslimfordy

    @mvnla2 Everything I’ve seen specificially says Google Play, including our post. I’m not sure what quote you are referring to, unfortunately.


    @AMSlimfordy — It was on Twitter, but I haven’t seen anything yet.
    On Twitter:
    MVNLA ‏@MVNLA Dec 9
    @pvesterbacka Will IOS users get the same AB Birdday Present as Android users? I could really use another 100 LC in Epic.

    Peter Vesterbacka ‏@pvesterbacka Dec 10

    let’s see what happens ;)


    Damnit, Bluestacks doesn’t have support for Macs? >.<


    I ended up using Bluestacks to log in to my account and enter the code. It worked. Nice little bonus to get.

    In fact, I installed Bluestacks on a Windows 10 preview install running in a VM and it worked. This means that those that have Macs can download the Windows 10 preview and install it on a VM on your Mac, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of this deal.


    I borrowed a Samsung Note 4 from a friend. It only took 5 minutes to install EPIC, login with my account and uninstall EPIC.

    After playing with one of the top of the line Android phones I have no desire to ever use Android. I wonder who the genius was who decided not to have an icon anywhere for settings on Android. Some things about the Android suprised me like the accelerometer doesn’t work at the home screen. Apple just does everything better.

    My friend had to visit the Verizon store 4 times today because they didn’t configure things right. All she wanted was to keep her previous phone number. Those idiots didn’t know they were supposed to assign a temporary number to her Note then activate the Note after they transfer her number. Instead they activated the Note with the wrong number. I was in and out of the Apple store in 20-25 minutes when I upgraded my iPhone 4S to the 6+. They transferred my number, showed me some new features, helped me register and configure everything, and transferred my contacts for me. I initially tried to transfer my contacts myself in the store, but I made a mistake downloading from the cloud and accidentally merged my contacts with my parents since my parents and I use the same iTunes account. When I got home I did a backup of my old phone and a restore to my new one. It couldn’t be much easier.

    Angry Johnny

    @killerkea Glad you found a way to get the free gift but this is not the place to start up a “[phone brand] is better than [phone brand]” discussion. Those never end in a good way.


    @angryjohnny @killerkea Not to mention, that anecdote is probably more indicative of the incompetence of that specific Verizon employee compared to the competence of that specific Apple employee. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with AT&T employees in the past, and I don’t attribute that to either the AT&T brand or my phone’s brand.

    On-topic – for those with no access to either an Android device or a Windows PC, see this video for instructions on how to install the Genymotion emulator on a Mac.


    Hi All,

    Just joined the site today, and am hoping somebody can help. I play on an iPhone and downloaded bluestacks. After downloading ABE and installing, I keep getting this error message (see photo). Any ideas on how to fix this? Just trying to get the 100 LCs as I’m trying to get Sea Dog.


    abe error.png


    Probably because it is not original, YOU should install epic from the store. I think you used the apk.


    For whatever reason, when I try to download anything on the main page, I get a message that says: “Market Not Found. Search Web for Installation Recipe”. I really want to make this work as 100 LCs is quite a chunk.


    Worked on my Andy emulator. 100 LC works for me! Thanks Rovio!


    @dr_ishmael Way too technical for me. I’ll just have to find someone with an Android device and borrow it. Hopefully there’s not a timeline ticking on this code and I have time to redeem it.


    @epicjon – I believe you have time till 18th. If you trust me enough I’ll do it for you.


    @MadMike Thanks! But I used a computer at work today to do it haha. Well worth it! Closing in on sea dog. If I wouldn’t keep wasting my coins on Rainbow Riot I’d have been there by now.


    have try the code angry-birds and it says your code expired…
    anyone know what the code now?…tanx

    Green Whacker

    There is no new codes at this moment


    how do you install epic on bluestacks?

    @behrad-m, you should use the “issues with android emulators” thread for your question. Apparently it will not work anymore after the previous update.

    Abdul Salim

    Did you know what a code of angry birds epic? Please tell me.
    Thank you
    You can tell me in my Facebook page”abdul salim(the picture is the blue star)

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