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  • who should I get?

    Bard or Skulkers?


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    It improves ANY team-based existing strategy and equipped with the right weapons’ set, kicks hard, too. It let you “farm for snoutlings” when paired in team with Piggy Mc Cool. Go for elite upgrade as quick as you can.


    Uh…no it doesn’t. You can’t throw a blanket like that over ANY Team strategy. There are many that exclude Skulkers. Also, kicking hard is what Bard does over any other Matilda Class.
    That being said, I use Skulkers a whole lot more than Bard :)


    ok, let me rephraise. ;-)
    “Anytime you decide to complete a balanced team strategy with Skulkers, these teams usually improve their whole effectivness.


    Doesn’t the Witch deal the same damage as Bard?


    @bchild yeah, thanks for undermining my point :P

    You cannot simply say Skulkers makes a Team better, as even in a Power setup (most suited), you play a weak card in terms of health. I have always been wary of a Chuck/Blues combo for this reason. If you are maxed, and out to wreck vengence, sure, but otherwise there will be healing and protection involved. I will always use a Chuck, as the Rage is undeniably the most devastating, so this really limits my Blues usage.

    (Btw, what happened to the spell check here in the forum, mighty pain, I must say)


    @pointless @bchild
    I’m sure we could both elaborate better arguments about this point using examples.
    When in arena,I usually approach my “team building strategy” according it as an answers to opponents flaws. Almost any competitive player use Valiant as base set up for banner. You almost always need to do the same in order to “recovery” as fastidi as him. I can state that my Skulkers improves up to L80/M50 Fully powered BEEP weapon set and since the beginning, when I didn’t opt for him so often, now He is
    one of my preferred choices for specific reasons

    – A.I. teams will kill Skulkers first, anytime.
    – in a team with Skulkers/Chuck/Bomb, A.I. Will leave alive both Chuck and Bomb, letting you to fire a first turn chuck chili rage both if you win or lose coin flip
    – any balanced couple of birds like these ones (Paladin/Rbird, Witch/Berserk, Wizard/Witch, Cleric/Thunderbird, Cannoneer/Samurai, Lbird/SeaDog and so in), will benefit from shield break and beep stronger attack plus its own splash damage.
    – I discard Skulkers against teams using Chuck with Mana, Venomous teams coupled with a banner emblema that deal damage to my birds or when I look at opponents birds and see they opted for 3 heavy beaters (for example Wizard/Bomb/Samurai).
    – I consider Skulkers always like “the third Bird, with damage enhancing abilities” rather than a first pickup …but lately these months, I found myself opting for It very often
    – there are really few common game situations during which dealing more damages is worst than dealing less (only opponents playing with ThornWalls or Retaliation come in my mind).

    Not arena related arguments could bè done in order to build good 3 birds teams to Explore Caves’. Skulkers enhance Druid/Paladin or Samurai/Witch or Bomb/Chuck as well. I opt for Skulkers during events anytime I can. splash damage, during these situations and It secondary ability often work ( ok, excluding pirates and some special enemies)

    With these arguments, I’m not ALWAYS using Skulkers, but compared to Bard, It gives FAR MORE to a lot of different game situations rather than the latter.


    @maxxmatt I am not sure why your response is not listed here? Odd…I only see it because you tagged me.
    As you are Arena specific in your thoughts, I will also put that to the forefront.
    I am extremely wary of Teams including both Chuck and Blues, yes they look good on paper, as you can double the damage increasing debuff through TBird and Skulkers, include a heavy hitter such as SeaDog and all looks golden. Reality is that you will often lose both these Birds in the first round on a lost toss, as they are simply weak in health. A non-starter for me, in fact I salivate when facing these Teams, even with Valiant, as it takes little effort to keep them both down while still dealing damage to the Banner (bad runs of Resurrect aside).
    I, personally, use Bones with my Chuck, so I want him to be KOd if I lose the toss (and Resurrected, of course). Leaves my heavy hitters up to retaliate both on the Last Will and again on my turn. Results in quick wins.

    I would still choose Skulkers over Bard, we are not arguing there, even though I have strayed off topic.


    In the arena, I find Skulkers with Beep set, Stone Guard with Dragon Tooth set, and Wizard with Bones set to be the most effective for quick devastation. Of course, now you have to bring them up to power slower due to the harsher computer generated opponent generation that Rovio put in place a few weeks ago…

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