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  • I’m just curious. Is it normal for a clan to only have the same 10 players participating in every event or…?

    I’ve been in a clan for a couple of months, and while we do win probably 60% of CVC, I have never seen any more than 12 players participating out of 50. It’s frustrating. The leader does a good job of kicking inactives, but we get new members who play for a week or two then stop.

    I have a FP of 422 and have the third highest FP in the clan. Maybe that’s the issue? I just need to wait until I’m higher up? I know there are more competitive clans, but I’m not interested in strict rules, although I definitely play every day and play every clan event. I’m just sick of losing CVC by 200 points which could have been won by two more people playing, or only getting an arena ticket and 20 feathers because we only got 15 points on the regular event.

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  • Good clans have full participation and max out all events. There are many many good clans; unfortunately there are a lot more struggling or abandoned clans. And there are a few that are building and on their way to becoming successful. The trick is finding the right fit for you. Plenty of decent clans have relaxed rules, though those ones may not always max out challenges.

    My suggestion: go to the ab2 gamers or recruiting page on Facebook, post a screenshot of your home page and a description of what you’re looking for, and wait for the offers to roll in. It’s a player’s market these days. Take your time and look for the right fit.

    Good luck!


    Thanks for your response! I’m torn between finding another clan or just trying to build up the one I have now. I’m a co-leader and I’ve kicked a few inactive profiles, but I don’t have regular communication with the leader. Perhaps I will ask them what the goal is going forward, and if we don’t agree I’ll move on.

    I think this is pretty widespread. In the past I’ve been in a very active clan where everyone took part in events and we would finish all the 600 point events but we didn’t always win clan battles, which was annoying.

    I’m currently in a clan winning the majority (90%) of our clan battles but never achieve any of the regular clan events, even the events with the lowest points.

    On my Windows 10 version of AB2 I am currently a clan leader. We are winning more clan battles than we are losing however we have poor turn-out: the majority of our clan members don’t participate in battles but we still win. The problem with AB2 on my PC is that I don’t play anywhere near as often enough as I do on my mobile phone.

    Swings and roundabouts, as they say.


    @fireandice4711, you may want to consider joining another clan. Your situation was similar to my first clan, which was at the beginning before CvC started. If you find a good clan, you will be able to increase your flock power quickly.

    Several of us split off and made a new clan, but it was too difficult to get new players with such a small clan. So we all moved to a new clan together. That third clan was good for a while (@stevey was there with me!), but there were leadership issues. I moved to my fourth clan and have been there ever since.

    A good clan should support its members — all of them. You should finish most, if not all events completely. However, that takes the dedication of the members to put in the effort to finish a 600 event even with multiple events ongoing.

    My clan, “We’re Old Gregg” (#68881), has now won 120 CvC battles. We’ve only lost 13 times. We had a 42-battle winning streak!

    One of our co-leaders keeps a spreadsheet of our events, battles and participation. We understand that real life sometimes requires time away, but overall, you should be willing to support the clan with reaching goals. The spreadsheet shows that. Sometimes people take a break and come back (school exams or work, etc.) We understand that.

    We also don’t have minimum flock power requirements, just active participation.

    Being top 100 MEBC doesn’t get your clan anything except bragging rights. We’ve finished in the top 100 many times, but that is not our focus. Our main goals are finishing events and doing the best we can in CvC.

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