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  • When I was chatting about some tough opponents in the Arena with my clan mates, I was wondering why we face the same opponents on a regular basis but have never faced each other.
    Do you think, Rovio excludes clan mates from the Arena matchmaking? Or have you encountered clan mates in the Arena while actually being in the same clan at that time?

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  • Shiggy

    I once had my clan leader in my diamond league for a week and also matched him directly


    Yes, it’s happened at least once – a clanmate mentioned (in clan chat) having faced me in the arena, so it can or has happened.


    But to be honest I was oblivious to it: I don’t really take too much notice of opponent names, besides their FP and how many cards they bring in.


    Huh, interessting, thank you. Now I am really curious, why I don’t face my team mates in the Arena… it can’t be a regional thing, because we face the same opponents.


    I think just volume of players make it rare, but otherwise I have seen some clanmates in a match before, just not in league yet.


    I play with two different accounts and fought myself in the arena once.


    I typically don’t start the Might Eagle Boot camp till closer to the end, and have thrown a few attempts just to register a zero score and see where I rank, and indirectly how many people have played up to that point. I’ve placed as low as 490,000++ which is a LOT of players. I agree @ryan-kochie… there’s huge volume.


    There are a lot of players and but I would assume only perhaps 5-10% qualify to be your arena opponent due to fp.
    So, I faced some opponents multiple times, even with the same gamethroughs on the same day. Very coincidental… I even know their names by now. I know “uh, this guy is good, let’s get all spells in…”.


    Fighting yourself in the arena would be crazy! And I’ve played a few clan mates, too.

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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