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  • Thanks for my teammates that made me aware of this, there is a visual glitch in the clan rewards where you will see gems or pearls rewards added your current total before you’re supposed to. Example: In the latest challenge, you can receive 80 gems for earning 100pts and 150 gems for earning 175pts. When the challenge is complete and you go to collect the 80 gems, you’ll visually see your current gem count increase by 230 gems which accounts for the 80 gem prize and the 150 gem prize although you technically have not collected the 150 gem prize yet. The same thing happens when collecting black pearls.

    This is fine since you aren’t missing out on rewards but it does expose that the fact that the Legendary Chests are predetermined because if you were for example going to receive 1,000 gems from a Legendary Chest, you will visually see the 1k gems added your current total of gems when you collect the 80 gem reward. You’d see all 3 gem rewards (80+150+1000) all added your bank before you even open the Legendary Chest. This means, it doesn’t matter which of the 5 cards you choose, it’s not a game of chance…you have NO CHOICE but to receive the 1,000 gems. Of course, no one’s complaining about receiving 1k gems but when you get a lame reward like 2k feathers, just know that you had no choice in the matter, that is the predetermined outcome no matter what card you pick.

    This also raises questions of what else is rigged in the game, Free chest? Rare Chests? ToF? I have a feeling that the developers will fix this visual glitch someday but it will remain rigged and we just won’t have proof anymore.

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    This actually makes me feel better, to know it doesn’t matter which card I pick. No more anguish over second guessing myself. I think it must apply to the ToF too.


    I’d rather them go back to the days when there was no choice. You’d just open a chest and recieve a random prize. Why waste our time with a rigged choice of 5 cards?


    thx for telling this Trip,another odd thing about the game as usual :P  2 days ago i opened the fifth card and got 1400 gems,for next reward i’ll try to see if gem count shows it before you get it and sometimes you can get the same rewards twice,i was in a clan and event was ended i got the rewards then i left the clan and joined another one and in this clan the same event was active and there were 2 hours left and after i played 1 game and after 2 hours i got the rewards again.

    Mechanic Pig

    My Black Pearls are predetermined too.


    ah TripHop, now I know. I wondered why I had so many Black Pearls after my internet failure connection when I was collecting rewards. they were added before


    Yes, seems choice is an illusion. When they added the cards to choose from I think it kept the random reward, but now added an extra splash screen where we think we have choice, but really don’t. I think the ToF is random, but it does make you question if your choice really has any affect on the random result or not.

    This has come up before, I believe something to do with feats, and also with the old visual glitch for the daily challenge when maxed out players would get 2 rares instead of feathers, when they would get 2 pearls in a row it would all collect in the first chest.

    Agreed, it does making choosing cards easier knowing it really doesn’t matter.


    The only time it seems to be random is when they give you Bird Feathers.

    You know when you getting some from the Legendary Chest , but don’t know how many feathers you get or which bird is getting the feathers until you see it.

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