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  • Since only clan (co)leaders can initiate clan battles, is there anything that you can do if your clan leader never signs up for clan battles?

    Is there a way to become a co-leader?

    So frustrating to let these opportunities go by.

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  • Dezsike

    Leave your clan and find a new one. Most active clans participate in battles.

    Inigo Montoya

    @CyberDog, @Dezsike is correct; I tried to do what you’re pursuing in my original Clan Targaryen, not knowing if I could find a more active Clan, and to her credit our Leader accepted my request to become her first CoLeader in order to sign us up for CvCs (and hoping to raise our Challenge completion above 3 or 4 reward levels). As I recruited here we won every Battle but couldn’t get more than 10-15 members to participate; while I started to kick inactive members I also stumbled upon my current Clan which invited me to join when an opening should occur. Even when that happened I was reluctant to leave those members I’d recruited (and even my nominally active Leader), but once I did I understood the value of joining an active Amethyst Clan which is now Diamond on the MEBC Top 100 Leaderboard and always gives the sumptuous rewards of completed Challenges and won Battles!

    There are many great Clans to look at here and in Facebook on Angry Birds 2 Gamers (created by @RyanKochie), including Deszike’s own Slayer Clan; look around and express your interest and you’ll find a good fit for your experience and level of play to join. Best of luck and feel free to DM me here or in FB if you have any questions!


    Inigo Montoya aka S’all Goodman, Breaking Beaks Co-Leader

    Bad News

    cyberdog you can join us siren call #172252 we all participate 100%. Check us out and we are signed up for this coming battle.


    We had the same problem in our clan, so a few of us left and created a new clan “RATAB2” #152546.    We are active and participate in all clan battles.  Participation is the only requirement we are looking for with new members, whether you are a novice or a hardened bird, all are welcome!

    Please give us a try if you are still looking for a clan to join!

    Cheers, RandalThor

    Heather Bird

    @cyberdog we never miss a battle ever!!! Come check us out Renegades #143223


    Thanks for the advice.

    I found a new clan that participates in clan battles.

    Thanks to all who replied.



    Looking for anyone who will just participate regularly in clan battles. YOU DO NOT have to be strong or experienced, JUST PLAY regularly! Get more feathers & pearls without spending $. Let’s have some fun and build our bird’s power together! Join Badbirds #99369 thanks!

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