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  • In the diamond league Rovio doesn’t weed out the cheaters why doesn’t anybody care ??

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  • sal9

    @mjdur You need to report them to Rovio via:


    How do you if someone is cheating? Serious question here, as I just made Gold league without using power ups, or cheats, the entire way.

    Dixi 60

    Rovio do dispatch cheaters if they are told about them or if they spot them. I found two cheats in my League last night and sent off an e-mail to Rovio. This morning they are no longer in my League.

    How to recognise a cheater :
    1. Their score will be way above everyone else’s by tens of thousands.
    2. There will be no evidence of “grinding” (score gradually increasing through regular play over the week. They will just appear and sit at the top of a leader board increasing their score or stationary).

    How to effectively report to Rovio:
    1. Go to this page below and fill out the form and send to Rovio:

    2. On the left hand side of your Angrybirds Friends screen is a cog, press the cog then select “I” for information. Make a note of the Agrybirds Friends version you are on and your user ID right at the bottom of the page printed in heavy black text. Add the version number and your user ID to your complaint.

    3. Briefly tell Customer Services you believe there is a cheater in your league and give the names and scores of each cheat.

    4. Add your screen shot showing to the form where it says add a file.

    If Rovio believe these players are cheats they will disappear and you’ll receive an email from a Rovio.


    How can you tell if someone is cheating? I don’t understand the concept on a game such as AB Friends.
    REPORTING a ridiculous score on the forums, with zero proof, is ‘kind of cheating’, but those ‘wannabes’ are not taken seriously by experienced players.
    I play well and, although I sometimes use ‘power-ups’ for “testing purposes”, ie, trying to work out if my ‘strategy’ is going to get me a ‘higher score’, I am still a ‘straight player’ and all of my *best scores* were made without power-ups.
    That’s just me, though there must be thousands of others who feel the same way. I don’t mind not being ‘the winner’ every week. I play for enjoyment and try to stay in the top-20 players. It’s not always possible, but time is limited. Playing more makes you better, if you have the time.


    It’s quite easy to recognize cheaters in this game.

    And it’s really boring because we can’t be on the top three because of them.

    Sometimes i’m not first and I know people who beat me don’t use cheat but not this time.

    Reaching most of theses scores is just impossible.


    I’ve seen people taken off the boards. However, a lot of cheaters have gotten clever about it. This past weekend was a good example in my league. I was in second place, 5k above the next, 10k below the leader. There was an hour left when I closed the game. The next morning I woke up to 9th place. All the scores above myself and the leader were 100k to 150k. It took away a lot of coins to buy power ups. I’m tempted to just let it ride, pay no more money, and drop a league or two.

    If they show up during the week, indeed report them. It’s too late after the fact and there is nothing to be done about it.

    Beau Marston

    I hate being in Diamond League, and I especially hate that I consistently STILL make the Top 10 even though the top 5 players are obviously cheating. And what’s funny is it always goes down in order of players who the most Stars next to their name. Right now the top 4 players have 8, 3, 3, 1 respectively. And their scores are impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve been grinding all week and am at #6. And trust me – I’ve gotten the max score on every single level. I have no job, no responsibilities, and I just sit on the computer all day. I use Wingman at the end of every exceptionally good level I’ve had, and I’m telling you right now – There is no way the #1 player was able to get 100,000 more points than me legitimately.

    Like I said before – I hate being in Diamond League, because I finish in the top 10, get about 150 coins, and then I STAY in Diamond League, only to repeat that. I am losing coins here. The only way for me to earn coins is to just not play 1 week, rank last with 0 points, and then go back to Gold, and then get #1. But that annoys me, because I LOVE playing the tournaments and playing them to the best of my ability. But those powerups I use to maximize my scores on every level cost coins. And if cheaters are constantly getting the top 5 and earning the most money and I end up at #8, I only get 250 coins AND remain in Diamond League. And I spend WAY more than 250 coins a week on Wingman powerups alone. So I am LOSING money each week. This annoys me. I am very vexed.


    When some players are cheating, I don’t use power up, I prefer keeping and no using them in order to finish max 8th.

    I was connected 10 minutes ago and two of the three people who cheated have disappeared.

    So don’t hesitate to report them.

    There is always one player who cheats so it’s better.


    Leagues need to be updated! Why must regular, hard-working players like myself compete against people in Star14 and Star17. If they moved all those high star levels into their own leagues then we would have a fighting chance against these cheaters. They would be forced to be in a class of their own. It’s atrocious!


    I have 9 stars and have never cheated. I don’t even know how? I don’t want to know how either. There are 2 players in my tournament this week and their total scores are:
    Mohammad 1,795,520 with 3 Stars.
    Dimitrus 1,746,390 with 14 Stars!!!
    Me 1,610,830 with 9 Stars.
    I just emailed Rovio to kick them out and they always do it for me but I just read a post of something that is happening to me too. These 2 cheaters will log back in an hour before the tournament is over next Sunday and get those same insane scores back and win. It’s insane. Why can’t Rovio prevent cheating altogether?


    I have what I think is a cheater in my league called Carlos. He has two of the three highest scores and they are way higher than the rest. The last time I saw him, he waited till late Sunday and jumped everyone after only playing a couple of levels all week. Right now he has only played three levels, but by Sunday, he jump everyone.


    Oh no! I just took 2nd place position away from a player named Carlos . He has 7 stars, 1rst place guy has 9 and I have none.

    I want to know if we get big time coins when we get these stars so, hoping they wont cheat and knock me out!


    Glad I ran into your posts!! Same here…I finally made diamond after much work, lotsa $$ and absolutely no cheating.. I hear you: “Dont know how & dont wat to know how” ..what w/be the @$!# point! The laet few tournamenrs I keep seeing the same couple guys w/impossibly hiscores in all 6 levels.. It’s just sad these immature dirtballs need to screw up an otherwise fun passtime for the rest of us..Atleast I now know where to turn..thnx guys. Game on!


    I have reported cheaters in diamond league and either they don’t even answer till Monday they say sorry or they do answer and say no no cheaters Really The new format is bad and it’s really not worth playing I am done spending money for nothing and wish they would 1 go back to old format and 2 stop the cheating therefore I am Done


    According to e-mails I have received from Rovio after reporting cheaters and making complaints about the last minute cheaters:

    1) Rovio uses an algorithm they recently developed to remove cheaters. “Once a League week changes we collect stats for level scores for 2-24 hours and then set score limits to remove cheaters. Those limits are then followed and readjusted during the week to get the best results.”
    2) The tournament ends, Rovio time, Monday morning shortly after work starts. If no Rovio staff work the weekend the last minute cheaters are not caught. “However, as working is optional for us over the weekend, the cheaters often appear on Saturdays and Sundays if they know that there is no one to remove them. This is why we continue to work on the ban tool so that we wouldn’t need to remove the cheaters manually in the first place.”
    3) I suggested they end the tournaments at a later time on Monday or some other day and they indicated that they are considering this. “With regards to your feedback, we are actually considering moving the Tournament rollover time a bit so that we would be able to better detect the cheaters during the last minutes of the tournament, too.”

    Although there may be a legal issue for deleting cheaters that have actually purchased PUs as it would be a loss of money on their part, cheater or not. But I don’t understand why Rovio doesn’t put in their policy that identified cheaters will be dropped to a lower league. Let’s see a diamond star 15 cheater climb their way back from the wood league.


    I’d still like to know how these people manage to cheat. I play with power ups and have never gotten past Diamond level 1. Sometimes I have a bad week and drop down to Gold (which I don’t think is fair to begin with). Other times I have a great week and increase a few of my scores (like this week). At this rate, I’ll never make it to Diamond level 2. However, just because I have a good week, I would be really ticked off to find my scores had disappeared just because somebody didn’t like me bettering them.


    @welshwitch55, My understanding is that there are add-ons to browsers like Firefox which allow the player to use unlimited PUs in one game. I don’t know much about it and haven’t researched it for fear of temptation. Haha. With regard to Diamond Star 1, for some reason that was a tough one for me also to get beyond. Now that the players are grouped by star level I find it very difficult to get into the top three, let alone the top 10. I have been stagnated on Star 7 now for a while.


    I play on an iPad or iPhone, so I don’t know how it works on a PC. Wish there were a way to get rid of the cheaters, but hackers will always find a way.


    Yep,those add-ons only work with firefox and illegal to use.Its the same as robbing Rovio directly, and we can all agree on this: only real inconsiderate @@#holes witn low self-esteem and even lesser play skills need to cheat to make them not think about what pathetic losers they all are having to coverup their shortcomings by deceiving a meaningless videogame… phewwww! hope my rant helped more than my stupid anger :)

    Raymond Cist

    I noticed diamond league is full of cheaters. I play my butt off earning my score legitimately, then someone zips by with something 15,000 higher when there aren’t even enough items in the level to generate that score.


    Hi all! Sad to read about that there are cheats. I use my iPad and I don’t cheat (unless you count power-ups) and I have worked hard to be where I am right now – number one in Diamond League. /Gamble


    For this week’s (189) tournament within 2 hours after the start there was a player with over 1.3M points and 34K more than 2nd place. I immediately took a screenshot and sent it to Rovio. As a couple days went by 2 people were above 1.3M but scores seemed to be closer together so I thought I had jumped the gun making a report. Today I received an e-mail from Rovio stating a request was made to check out my league, and lo and behold. I moved up several spots and high score is 1.297M

    I very much encourage anyone who thinks their league has a cheater, or several, to just take a screenshot of the scoreboard showing the high players and make a report to Rovio. Every e-mail response I have received from them seems to be appreciative in trying to weed out these pitiful players. Eventually, with all the reports they receive, Rovio will be able to develop a method of automatically deleting the cheaters.


    Are these 5 Tourneys in 10 days a way to move the end times (day) in order to catch the last minute cheaters?


    I got one now @Bossy in Diamond League … score went up 1000 in a matter of a few hours, goes up in increments of a few hundred at a time in short period of time.

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