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  • Am I the only one who gets fed up with the changes to the existing levels? The latest update prevents you from replaying dungeons while you are playing them. Previous updates have lowered the attacks and increased difficulty in several areas.

    For me the whole point of progressing is that some things get easier while other things become possible. Ie, dungeons easier for snoutling harvesting while you need to buy tons of upgrades for the caves. Now the dungeons are becoming more anmoying and the friendship essence more difficult to hold on to. On top of that, the bugs are piling up…

    Epic was nice while it lasted, but to me it seems to be killing itself slowly in its misguided ambition to make it impossible to max out the game.

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  • KillerKea

    It certainly seems like some waves are harder, but I might be having bad luck in the random waves that I get. There is only one level I have left to 3 star 13-5 and in wave 1 and wave 2 I got a pig with 15k+ health that does over 2k damage every 2 rounds. However I tried that wave again just now and got the easier 2 pigs with 7-8k health that charge every 3 rounds and do less damage.



    I couldn’t have said it better. What is the point of playing the game to get all of these upgrades if the dungeon levels just get harder and harder. I can understand the new chronicle cave levels being challenging. it aggravates me when I lose these dungeon levels that I used to win so easily (level 41 with a mix of class 7 and 8 characters). It seems to be a ploy to get people to buy gold coins which are already hard to collect. I’ve been saving up these lucky coins to get the last two characters. I refuse to pay any money for in app purchases in the game though I would have been willing to pay for the game itself if it wasn’t free.


    I simply stopped doing Dungeons.


    This is an aspect of the game I don’t really understand.

    I would have thought the game creators would want to encourage players to use the dungeons – daily. Instead they have made the final waves very difficult, and require healing potions and chilli cakes to complete. If you are buying potions, then it costs more to complete the dungeon than to buy the potions that you use.

    I do remember someone recently posted that you could farm the dungeons for snoutlings by restarting when you complete wave 4. This is probably their reasoning for removing the restart button. But I would have thought that even then it is still far more profitable to farm snoutlings at SRC. Especially since you have to use up Piggy McCool, who for me is much more valuable as one of the cave allies.

    So what now is the point of the dungeons?

    I stopped doing dungeons long ago, it is a waste of time and no point in doing that anymore, the game is trying to become more to pay to win so I am about to uninstall it, so many bugs/crashes and even today I lost all my holiday points was at 3000+ and then the game crashed and now i have 300, so I think it is almost time to forget about this , and arena is a joke full of bugs and pay to win.

    Grumpy Cat

    It’s not just the dungeons is it? Practically any location where you have to borrow an ally can no longer be replayed halfway.


    Yeah the crashes have been terrible. Why bother with the event if it’s just going to keep crashing and resetting?

    But the buffing of dungeons is kinda stupid. Why penalize the player for doing better? It’s not like the buffed dungeons give better rewards.

    It seems to me that Rovio wants to stretch the gameplay forever, making it impossible to reach max levels at all without paying and to keep people watching the ads forever.

    Not really beneficial for enjoying the game in my opinion…


    Another change that shouldn’t have been changed- In the past when you watched a video for 10% more health, you could then replay that level and keep the boost. Now when you replay the level that boost is gone after the first play through. Come on!

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