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  • How do i beat this level without using friends birds? That massive 2×490 damage seems to be too hard for me.

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  • KillerKea

    The easiest way to beat Lawrence would be to use knight/cannoneer/princess. The knight provides 55% damage reduction. The cannoneer reduces Lawrence’s attack by 20%. The princess removes Lawrence’s harmful effect and heals. You also can equip the knight with a damage reducing shield.

    Without using a friend’s bird the easiest way to 3 star it would be to use knight (grand slam set), princess (sweet set) and prince porky. It takes a long time, but the strategy is really simple. All you do is use protect right before Lawrence charges and then heal with the princess. Other than an occasional heroic strike from Red you just attack every time. Sets like grand slam and sweet will help a lot just make sure your 3 birds are at full health when you win. A score of 31,500 is good enough to 3 star it and you get 30,000 from 3 birds at full health.

    You can actually beat Lawernce using only the knight and princess, but it will take a long time.


    The other aspect of dealing with Lawrence using the Knight & Princess combo is that you will need both to have mastery ranks of around 5, so that Princess can heal enough. When I first completed this boss, I think I had an offhand item that reduced damage on red. It might have been the Steel Wall set item.

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