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  • oh well, unluckily I’m stuck at this pesky last caves level. Actually, I tried two or three team combo without any fortune. I’ll try again in a fare hours’ when the strongest among Friends birds are available again.

    The weakest points today have been the pack of a plausible strategy to take care of the strong foes. They do both mass damages and individual damages. You cannot concentrate only on the big Boss because of the recurring drones and 140k Life points are really A LOT.

    Samurai, Princess and an additional beater is a Good combo but you Will bè quickly overwhelmed. Maybe Rainbird and Samurai could balanced enemies’ rushes. Druid and Wizard and Samurai seem quote strong on chart too, but I have not tried this team yet.

    Maybe I Will bè able to defeat this Level only when my GROUP mastery levels Will bè higher than 75.

    What do you think?

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  • Maxx_Matt

    I played another TWO games with 2 of my birds and a borrowed one. I killed only HALF of this pesky machined Big Boss in Cave 23 but I’m still trying to figure out HOW could it be beaten BEFORE achieving mastery level 90.

    It seems to me that a GROUP protector and an HEAVY group healer is needed. But they are not enough: the third bird should be both an healer and a beater

    L90/M65 Samurai with DragonBreath E10
    L90/M70 Rainbird with TwinLightining E10
    L90/M52 Seadog with SugarSet E5

    I feel that I’m on the right path but I’m still not strong enough to kill this final MONSTER.

    What do you think?


    Beater and a healer?
    Rainbird, then.


    Final level is actually quite hard!

    I tried some combination without succeeding.

    All of my birds are L90/M80 with complete sets (which are quite obsolete… and not enhached yet ‘cuz I’ll go “All In” when the level cap will be raised to 100 before, finally, quit playing this diabolical game).

    Knight, rainbird, druid -> not effective;

    Samurai, rainbird, princess -> not effective;

    The evergreen Paladin, Princess, Pigiana Jones -> not effective due to the lack of protection and no group healing.

    I will not feed the boss the Mighty Eagle Favourite Dish (never did before), but I guess it’ll take a long journey before finding out how to handle this over-powered brute.


    I don’t have these sets, so it’s not tested but using the samurai with the Grand Slam to stun the robot can be a solution.
    Using the Illusionist to force Red to attack 6x to increase the chance to stun.
    Matilda (Bard or Witch ?) with the Nightmare set to provide extra damage when stuned and to heal birds.


    Thanks for your info. I did other additional matches with your same teams without any further fortune.


    I feel like Rainbird or Bard are needed here, too. The first can seriously heal the group and chili rage perfectly at least once while the latter can stun bt heal too few to bè crucial.


    I actually had a very good race with the RobotMonster with this team and I did not win only because some of the used classes here have medium mastery levels (between M50 and M65).

    L90/M65 Samurai elite with GranSlam! L82/E5
    L90/M72 Rainbird elite with TwinLightning L82/E10
    L90/M52 FrostSavage elite with Punisher

    you can stun the big Boss, stun/freeze all’ the many recurring robots and both heal and slowly kill them all’. When my classes will bè maxxed out (or at least at M80) I’m sure I’ll be able to beat the boss with this team combo.

    Another two ideas, but not tested up to now, consist on:
    – Stunning Samurai
    – Stunning Bard
    – Freezing Savage


    – Stunning Samurai
    – Halloween Rainbird
    – Stunning Bard
    (both teams should use use a chili rage potion 90% every round in order to feed the Rainbird/Bomb rage when needed and maximize the combined Bard/Samurai stunning effect)


    If you’re willing to spend rage chilis like a drunken sailor, it’s relatively easy to beat this boss.

    Samurai w/ hammer set
    Some form of Chuck
    Blues of some form

    First move, attack with Samurai, hoping he knocks out Boss on his own. If not, second move is to use rage attack on Blues, which does knock out boss for two turns. Attack with Chuck. Then, when second pig appears on second turn, drop two rage chilis to get rage attack again. Use that attack on Chuck, which should get rid of second pig, then you have one more turn to charge up and knock out boss for two turns again using Blues (or maybe you get lucky with Red/Samurai).

    But it takes a lot of rage chilis, even with the 90% ones because the cave decreases the rage generation.

    I hate that level.

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    Finally I finished it without using any potion! (Video Here)

    This tactic is very similar to my previous tactic in cave 21 (Video Here)

    Birds/Gear I’m using :

    Level 90 (M90/E10/E10) Lightning Bird Chuck (Time Warp Set)

    Level 90 (M90/E10/E10) Sea Dog Bomb (Finisher Set)

    Level 80 (M80/E10/E10) Shulkers Blue (Ballista Set) <- Borrowed from my second account…

    I got 2 stars with a score of 33600 (I believe 35000+ is 3 stars), and the run wasn’t even perfect! So it’s actually possible to get 3 stars with some luck :P


    “Nothing is Impossible”


    Congrats, your team is very strong and the “Total Attack” strategy behind the win is very clever. Your goal is to kill the Monster before all’ the robots swarms will overwhelm your birds. Combining Punisher & Ballista sets together play a key role here. Your idea is very good, especially because I fear that building a defensive/healing team Will not bè ad much successfull ad yours

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你


    Thankyou :)

    I’m considering replacing finisher set with sweet set, it got me close to 3 stars a few times, once even I get boss health to < 25% but the sweet set doesn’t give the heal when I need it, LOL !

    I’ve also found that stoneguard’s ancient protector with canoneer combo works amazing! I once get the boss down to around 25% health with that… But the only problems is the longer you stay, the more drone popped up, thus it became significantly harder to deal with! But I am really recommending stone guard to samurai for this level due to the -40% attack on the boss being really helpful!


    Edit : What I mean by Sweet Set is actually Candy Set …

    Mighty Red

    Anyone tried the set below?

    Rainbird (Mana Shell set)
    Priest (Nightmare set)
    Cannoneer (Finisher set)

    My idea is to use Priest to link up all birds, use Cannoneer to weaken the boss and put counters on Rainbird and Priestess. I tried this set, but I had the Time Jump set for Rainbird and I was defeated because the boss did his secondary attack on Rainbird and Rainbird was drained of his life due to the stolen heals. That’s why I’m thinking the Mana Shell set for Rainbird could be a potential solution because it gives you a chance to be immune to negative effects, in this case, the stolen heals.

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你


    I already tried that and it didnt works because the drone is accumulating

    over time



    I unexpectedly completed this pesky last cave with this weird team, a mixed crossed temptative without any hope that killer the Monster, instead. Like the David vs. Goliath battle… :-)

    – Lightning Bird Elite L90/M63
    Ancient Twin Lightning L82/E10
    – Seadog Elite L90/M52
    Ancient Punisher L82/E10
    – Treasureshunter Elite L90/M81, borrowed with Ballista.

    Both Punisher and Ballista trigger only once each during the entire battle; I used 2 chili rage potions and 2 healing ones. Honorable mention to Bombs that got killed during the fight, alone. :-)

    – Bomb’s “All Together” on Blues
    – Blues’ Chili Rage (plus additional Bomb attack)
    – Chuck “Lightning Speed” on Blues (other two Bomb+Chuck attacks)
    * Monster Stunned
    – Bomb’s “All’ Together” on Chuck
    – (first chili rage potion)
    – Blues and Chuck attacked, Bomb twice.
    * Robot Monsters first wave of attacks almost killed HALF of my little army.
    – Chuck raged to wipe the board as much as I can (5 attacks + additional one from Bomb)
    – Blues + additional Bomb’s attacks, I healed as much as I could any not Self Healing Bird
    – Bomb attacked and finally Punisher trigered, killing TheRobotMonster
    * OtherRobots killed my Bomb
    – Chuck and Blues killed other Robots.
    FIN. :-)

    Nothing special nor new there, but I wrote what happened because team was well equipped but relatively low on mastery. I’ll give another try with different team combos to this really exciting Level ad soon as I’ll find the right Bird to Borrow.


    Mighty Red

    If anyone has that new version of Rainbird, have you tried a strategy where that Rainbird’s passive ability of ignoring damage that’s at least 80% of Rainbird’s maximum health could be used?

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    @mighty-red-1 It wont work, I have it, it’s ability is similar to dodge ability, so the maximum damage taken (PER HIT) is 80% of the maximum health. The fact that the boss’ attack damage combined with drone’s attack can output 2 attack that can kill the chuck make it pretty much useless.

    Mighty Red

    I did it – I managed to 3-star this boss fight using:
    Cosmic Samurai (Grand Slam set)
    Elite Priest (Nightmare set)
    Pigiana Jones

    I didn’t use any potions, but I did watch an ad to get a 20% health and attack bonus for my team. As for the strategy, I managed to keep the boss stunned most of the time with Samurai and Priest. I used Pigiana Jones’ support ability on the birds so they would retaliate against attackers, which resulted in heals and even some stuns. I used Priest’s support ability at the end to make sure the whole team is at 100% health.
    My birds were around 83 mastery level, and most set items were still level 80.
    Video coming soon.

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    Wow good job, thats awesome! @mighty-red-1

    the strategy is very clever, sad I did not have that class lol XD anyway good job

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    Yes made it 3 stars without potion

    I use

    Steel Force Guardian Red

    Mana Set Rainbird

    Pigiana Jones


    Video soon, still editing :)


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