Cave 1

  • What do I have to do to get more than 1 star in any of the Cave 1 levels?
    I completed all 10, a few with two birds, a few with help of Porky, Piggy or the other. Most times all survived. But in all 10 levels only 1 star.

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  • Lancelot

    I believe the number of stars depend purely on your score. And the score is related to two things:

    1. The final HP of your survived birds. Full is 10000, and decrease with the HP you lose. But the minimum is 5000.

    2. The score you get from killing pigs. For each pig, the initial score is fixed, and it decreases with each turn passed. So the faster you finish the battle, the higher score you’ll get. BTW: There’s no score for summoned pigs.

    In summary, you’re not strong enough to pass this level ASAP to get 3 stars.

    The above is my observation. Your comments are welcome.

    I’ve got 2 & even 3 stars on the cave bosses but only ever 1 star on the regular 10 wave cave levels. I think they’ve got the balance a bit wrong. I hope they tweak it before full release.


    Star level seems to be combination of final bird health and number of rounds to complete. Have three stared several caves full chili attacks every attack.


    How do you even beat the levels in Cave 1? Is it just spamming consumables or do you need to grind a lot of levels first?


    I upgraded the headgear in the Mighty Eagle class. I got some strong weapons, and then you are able to beat the cave levels


    I beat the first Cave with no consumables at all.


    What level, and which birds? I have a few combo’s I’ve tried with absolutely no luck.


    Which birds are recommended to pass cave 1 shaking hall 1 and which class to use with each bird? And how do I get stronger weapons the set weapons ? I really need weapons!!!

    Sir Falcon

    Well you could use Golden Pig Machine……

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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