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  • Anyone able to explain (let alone justify!) the 25% increase of price for gems!?!

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  • Epic Buttstomp

    The art in this game is to know how to farm gems.

    Why do you need to buy gems? For what?


    Bottom of page 90 of the pinned thread about the arena at the top of the page.

    Angry Beaver

    @neilg It’s business or Capitalist greediness if you like that term more.

    Epic Buttstomp

    There are few easy ways to horde gems. You just need to do certain things every day.

    What is the huge rush to pay gems to get thru levels? just play again until you can get it.

    Daily Challenge and King Pig: Don’t spend any unless you are in the King Pig room and see a clear way to solve it. There are ways to restart in the level you last played, look around forum.

    As for the Tower: 20 gems is all I spend each day. Call me cheap if you like but I don’t care. If you have thousands of gems like some in this forum, go ahead and spend your way there. Otherwise don’t.

    fun person

    I never buy gems. I just play over and over and eventually you will get through the level, no matter how hard it it. As for the Tower, I usually spent only 20 gems, Twice I spent 100 gems.


    I only spend 20 gems in the tower if I’ve already won at least 20. Otherwise I’m out of there.

    Epic Buttstomp

    AB2 runaway is to blame for the price of gems. Less people are buying it so they have to charge more to get the income.

    In the old days gems came easily with then every 30 mins small treasure chest. Now very rare. Also it wasn’t all that hard to win weekly tournament with the mid week leaderboard shuffles. That was gone in early August.

    No they are trying to prey people on the Tower but other than the top level hats and gems payout, there is nothing to gain really. Feather amount to little as it takes a lot to level up. Am I going to pay real $$ for extra Tower levels, NO. The odd of getting all junk is way higher.


    What is farming gems?

    Epic Buttstomp

    @elliecakes You gain a number of gems each days doing daily challenge, arena, 10 stars, etc. You may also get gems from FB friends.

    DON’T SPEND THEM. If you must then spend 20 for the Tower but no more. Assuming you know the legit tricks with Daily Challenge and KPP, just grind by repeating as opposed to spend 60 gems to get over something. If you are stuck that day, so be it and move on.

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