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  • This tournament keeps crashing while I’m in the middle of a level. It’s done it 7 times this morning. Anyone else having this problem?

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  • Green Whacker

    I am having this problem as well..


    And me. Noticed it several hours ago, on level 2. I’m finding now that it’s sporadic.


    Do you have the new V1.3 game upgrade? You might try re-installing the prior version, it seems more stable. Careful though, make sure you’re linked to FB or you’ll lose progress..ouchhh! :)

    Barry Williams

    Hi Alan, I have this version, Angry Birds Friends . How do I upgrade?

    Barry Williams

    Mine has been crashing for nearly a week. Every time I go to used a Power Up it says “Pigs Causing Havoc…..” Have emailed Customer Support twice, first time nearly a week ago and still no response.

    Daniel Grimard

    Me too crashes


    Playing on my iPad. This new version of ABF has crashed six times in the last 30 minutes. Anybody know how to complain to Rovio.


    For mine, ipad, like many others, it keeps crashing on level 2. The good news is, I’m saving powerups because I’m done. With one to one and a half minutes start time, long load times for each level, and a minimum 20 second pause on the brag screen if I beat someone (and I dont brag so why do I need it?), it’s become more frustrating than fun.

    Matte Thew

    Angrybirds tournament just updated and now it keeps crashing on my ipad2, alot…


    Mine keeps crashing on iPad right in the middle when I know I’m about to beat my score! So frustrating, I hope they fix this soon. ill be pissed if I lose my diamond status since I can’t play


    @barry-williams, Depending on your platform the new “V2.1.3.” may already been auto-dowmloaded. Click on the cog-wheel in game login, then “info”.. your version is listed. However,lots ppl are complaining of crashes while playing w/new update. I use Kindlefire hdx via amazon app and been lucky so far. Lets hope Rovio addresses the issue soon, but I wouldnt hold my breath.. :)


    I am able to easily replicate the crashes on 1 and 2. Unfortunately these were strategies on the prior version that got my high score. iPad user. Very annoying. My sling doesn’t change when I get back in but I have lost many boosters.


    Yes, same exact problem here here–on my iPad Air and iPhone 6+. AB has completely wiped out my scores/progress TWICE on my iPad, and demoted me from gold to silver when I (struggled!) to play via FaceBook.

    Rovio–you’re taking all fun out of your games!


    Haven’t been able to play a game today. Keeps crashing..


    Has anyone on iPad been able to play today. I haven’t. Can’t get into any level, or even see league status. Crashes immediately.
    Or know if Rovio has been contacted?

    I can contact Rovio if someone provides me with their contact (I should know by now, but don’t).



    Unable to play on iPad today. Keeps crashing.
    It worked this morning. What about all the wingman I lost during the crash?
    Back to crashing. It started when Rovio did the scheduled update 2 days ago,


    I have 2 iPad’s, and I cannot start AB Friends on either of them. Only works on Facebook/PC


    I haven’t been able to play the latest tournament at all! It loads then just as I press a button to play a level it crashes. This started happening when the last tournament started. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled lots of times, rebooted/hard rebooted lots of times, done all the updates and still nothing. Is this just an iPad thing? Are my Angry Birds Friends days over??

    Dottie Ray

    Mine keeps crashing too! It has been for 3 days… ?


    Haven’t even been able to log in the last two days… Kicks me off at the last minute. Does anyone know how to reset as advised? I don’t see this option anywhere & the last time I had problems, I deleted & re-downloaded the app but lost all my coins & slingshots I’d purchased… I’m afraid to try this route again for fear of the same results…


    Alan are you speaking of a cog wheel on the ABF Tournament? Mine crashes before I ever get to that screen. This started happening this a.m.

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